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Gorosei Informer

Don’t give up hope. Kiku’s death has not been confirmed and ZKK still lives on. Believe

Ah man I love that pic! Tyvm for posting it, been needing to find the full version again! I saw it as KOLs banner on Twitter and was so confused to why he had it LOL!

But thank you, I appreciate that encouragement and positivity, I definitely believe you and be sharing that belief!


If Oda actually has the sheer audacity to kill off Kiku, I will drop onto his house from the clouds/a random sky island and Thunder Bagua him!


I feel you, Kiku did not deserve this :(
Right!? Oda is being oddly vindictive with Kiku!
This is just so sadistic, we get the idea Oda, Kiku is emotionally vulnerable and naive, innocent and "pure as snow" even but this is ridiculous! Fool Kiku and us once, shame on you Oda, fool Kiku again, shame on her andespecially you Oda! At least Pirate Warriors 4 does her and some characters justice combat wise, but Oda you could really do better with this storyline!


I just hope Kanjuro is actually dead this time but I'm not hopeful. I was hoping he would get beheaded as when they found out he's the traitor and Kinemon beheaded him, but this time it would be the real Kanjuro getting beheaded. Given Orochi has been beheaded before and even twice now, this would be really fitting, given how Kanjuro is as deceptive, cruel and manipulative like Orochi and was working for him ofc.

I have a bad feeling we've still not seen the last of Orochi and Kanjuro somehow, but I wish we could see Orochis hybrid at least before he expires for good finally and thankfully and also the name of Kanjuros DF and it's full potential too.

I want to see if he draws a "proper" version of Ryuunosuke in his eyes, a much more accurate and dangerous version, a sort of his "own version of Kaido" even! He also drew a tiger at the same time at Zou ofc at one point, so it might hint further at the Byakko DF happening with Yamato or so hopefully!

Its funny how much more ominous these panels have become, they were ominous already but now with what we know too...^

It can't be coincidence that Oda had a tiger and a dragon at the same spot there too and that both were summoned around the same time? He MUST be going for that symbolism given Kaido is an Azure Dragon too ofc!

I just noticed there is a yellow dragon/snake/serpent here, could that be Orochi maybe? Yellow bellied?

I was wondering what happen to momosuke, maybe some giant beast talking to him n will appear later. Like when shirahosi can talk to sea king, she hear someone talking.
Atm i dont think anyone can saved luffy from drowning except some sea king coming out from the sea.
Law tact kinda limited but he still can save luffy using his left power.
If kaido vs the giant elephant who will win?
Is it true kaido is the strongest creature or just some random bullcheat?
- What occurred at the reverie and what's up with the whole Sabo and Vivi situation.
- Shichubukai fights' conclusions and their bounties.
- More interesting revelations (and questions lol) about the Void Century or Will of D.
- Maybe we see what's up with BB and Shanks.
- Some Imu info?

These are some of the possible things that we might see. Some of the chapters after Act 1 and Act 2 were fucking awesome (I would even say legendary, in terms of One Piece) and now that the wait has been even longer for those chapters, people's expectations are even higher now. I'll try to not keep them too high but it's tough, lol.
Oda has to be careful though with how much he gives us so people don't lose even more interest in this arc, we can find out most of these things after this arc end but i get the excitement

Gorosei Informer

Also, I doubt Momonosuke is Uranus, but rather he possesses the ability to control Uranus. Makes better sense from a narrative standpoint rather than him being a copy of Poseidon. If Wano itself is a massive Country sized Turtle, then it's possible the Country of Wano is Uranus.
This would be really cool, I've seen a theory that Vivi might be able to control/pilot Pluton somehow too. Zunisha felt like it could be Uranus but if Wano turns out to be a gigantic island turtle as in mythology, which Momo can even command, that would be AMAZING!

I've felt the map of Wano, the land looks like the scales on a turtle's shell too!

I was left flabbergasted by Kin'emon intensity. The way he wished to avenge Kiku close to her fate was sensational.
Oh yeah absolutely, him and Kiku have a great relationship, its no wonder Kiku idolises him so much! Kinemon is a real one too, he is a great man and he has been getting better as a character during Wano especially Onigashima! I saw mad potential for him back at Punk Hazard when he snapped and showed his hatred of dragons and now I see why ofc!

When behaded Kanjuro back during the traitor reveal scene, that was such a poignant, raw, powerful and brutal moment. The fact he did it immediately too with such ferocity and no hesitation really says a lot about him too imo! You could really feel his hurt, the betrayal and the anger! Similar to this moment in fact ofc!
Not until everyone buys Yamato figues which will never happen:suresure:
Ahahaha oh man, that's true! Those are gonna SELL like hot cakes for real though! I can see the obsessions starting, especially once Yamato debuts in the anime too. People are gonna be so horny for Yamato lol.


It would have been better if Raizo was killed instead of Kiku. We as readers have met Raizo sometime before and we may have some emotional connection to him. Him being killed by his close friend plus our slight emotional connection to Raizo may have worked better imo instead of Kiku.

Raizo's design is boring as well lol

But Oda may have decided Kiku's death from the very beginning...Her epithet matches perfectly for the rise of dawn. Lingering snow melts away as dawn rises is kind of perfect
Honestly, I completely agree. I really do not like Raizo, I hate his design and his character is boring to me. His best moments are the Raizo is safe twist which isn't even his own doing ofc and his scroll BS power moment on Kaido, which led to a hilarious meme at least though! ("Somebody help, Raizo is squeezing me to death!" LMAO)

Raizo could have had a badass, poignant death potentially and Shinobu could have ended up succeeding and even avenging him (Lol Shinobu :sanmoji::laughmoji:) but seriously, it would be a bitterly tragic and ironic throwback to the whole Raizo is safe thing if Raizo ended up dying instead later on. Especially if it's giving his life to protect the Dukes/Minks or Momonosuke.


I still don't understand why Jack went through all that effort to hunt down Raizo but not literally 2 other Scabbards right in front of him, Inu and Neko?


1018 is our last bet :josad:
Hopefully you are right, I am so sick of Act 3 still going on and the dragged out pacing. I need an outside Wano chapter again STAT! Especially all the blue balling Oda gave us the last time we were outside of Wano during these intermission chapters!


If Zoro finds out Kiku is dead, he will go rampage mode as before.
Oh yes very true! He was very upset and angry about Kiku's arm so this makes a lot of sense! Zoro Kissing Kiku intensifies lmao @ReggieZoldyck21


So Momo confirmed not born with CoC since he let Kinemon die. This a plothole if he turns out having it.
Yeah, I thought his moment on the cross with Kaido forcing him to declare his name could lead to a CoC moment but it didn't. This moment would have been perfect for it too but alas, sadly not still. The son of Oden having no CoC so far and yet is meant to be succeeding and avenging his father is disappointing for me.

But at least he can communite with Zunisha and potentially other beings too, I do think Zunisha is gonna come back into play somehow and may even die as a truly ultimate final stand, either now at Wano or by EOS. But I think it might end up helping to stop Onigashima falling or and taking on Kaido himself even. I would like to see how Kaido compares to Zunisha considering how easily it bodied Jack and his ships too ofc! I'm not sure how dragon form Kaido compares in scale to it but it could be pretty interesting to see how he fares?


Kiku of the 100 caps.


I really hope you're right. Given this Oda and his reluctance to kill most characters. it should be true either way. He already had Kiku losing an arm too so this really is overkill. People and other beings in OP have survived far worse too ofc, including that damn mountain boar god too! Literally survived being sliced entirely in half, WTF!?

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