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If Momo heard Zunisha he would have recognized it right? Then Sea kings or something completely new? Anyways i'm hyped with that.

Kin'emon may die but not in this chapter at least, the same goes for Kiku. Tho i'm 99% sure Kanjurou is dead.

With Kaidou saying that Luffy's control of covered Haoushoku was poor i wonder if he meant that he didn't know how to use it so he overuse it or if he just didn't know how to fight properly so it didn't do anything in the end. Anyways i'm a bit afraid of this since it means that another power up for Luffy is coming, it may be awakening or gear 5th since it's not enough with Haoushoku and i don't think he is going to master it in this arc... He received already enough power ups this arcs, he doesn't need more... -_-

I guess Onigashima right now is between Udon and Hakumai(?) anyways, act 3 is ending pretty soon
So Kinemon is definitely not dead. You can tell from the scene where Momonosuke was hearing voices and he tells Kinemon that "You need to tell everyone......"

I'm predicting that Momonosuke told Kinemon to tell everyone that Luffy is still alive. I have a feeling the Sea Kings might be lurking in the Waters outside of Wano, and those are the voices Momonosuke is hearing, and how he knows Luffy still lives.

So Kinemon can't be dead, because he has to relay that message.
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