Is Pan D. A Man Moe?

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  1. Kaido beat her to a pulp in the past. So much so that she wishes to pay him back.
  2. You can be exceptionally violent to someone without killing them.
    1. Kaido did not kill anyone in the alliance.
  3. Kaido was willing to kill her if she defied his orders and left Onigashima, so his love for her is far from unconditional.
I don't see him doing what he did to Kin to her.
Kaido didn't kill anyone because it's One Piece, it is very hard to die no matter what attacks you take.
I don't think the cuffs were meant to kill her if she tried to go

Or you're simply underestimating how strong she is.

Yamato should be >= Ace with 2 years of growth.

Base Yamato was equal to all out Ace. She likely has a Mythical Zoan DF as well.

I think that Kaido needs to beat Yamato to a pulp. Yamato is the only major figure of the alliance that doesn't believe that Luffy can beat Kaido.

Like not that she thinks Luffy might lose, she doesn't actually think Luffy can win. A prospective Nakama, and she has no faith in the man she'll call Captain.

When she heard that Luffy was fighting Kaido in a 1 vs 1, her response was: "I need to hurry":
I don't think I am underestimating her, I rate her quite high but the only thing that can help her last long against Kaido is her durability that I think is most likely OP.
And I think you're mistaken, I didn't say Kaido won't beat her to a pulp again, just that he won't try to kill her, some of his attacks are meant to basically kill, he won't do that to Yamato if she can't defend herself anymore I think.
King>> Queen> Jack.
That's a fact.
I can understand why you think that King is stronger and I myself agree but where does the extra '>' comes from? If anything, it should be King > Queen >> Jack considering that the latter should be much younger than the other two and probably has a much bigger bounty difference too. King and Queen are Kaido's veteran commanders from Oden's time. If this isn't bias then I don't know what is.
That door is made of same material seen in Marineford. Fucking Whitebeard couldn't do anything to the wall made of same material. It is designed to absorb the attack. Smh. Read manga dude.
What the fuck ? When ch material you’re talking about ? Give me the reference
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The door thing makes sense, it was explained it absorbs blunt force, the exact material did the same to WB’s attacks in MF arc. About the Queen and Doffy part the only good explanation is first Sanji grew stronger as Oda stated before every arc SHs grow stronger plus this new attack could very well be much stronger than the ones he did to Doffy.. Oda isn’t gonna reveal a new attack to just be weak plus Queen does not have a tricky powerful DF.
Fair enough but i don’t remember the exact thing pertaining to your reference,When did a thing like that stop WBs attack ?
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