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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1017
Title: Order

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Fantactic action packed chapter.

I kinda like the Queen hybrid, the fight with Sanji seems to resemble the Peter vs Doctor Octopus fight from Spider- man 2.

I love Whos's Who hybrid form looks beastly as hell, His backstory just a lot more juicy finding out thathe knew about the origins of Luffy's devil fruit and he was imprisoned for letting the fruit getting stolen.
(The sbs did say Lucky Roo of the Shanks pirates stole the fruit)

The Government wanting to keep Luffy's fruit in my opinion doesn't make it special. Everything Luffy has done with the Gomu Gomu fruit is through his own creativity to make it one of the most versatile fruits in the One Piece universe.

Okay so medicine idea wasn't Chopper's idea, it was Miyagi's the doctor from Zou. Even then Zoro won't be instantly healed he will have felt the after effects once he finishes the fight.
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