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jinbe vs who's who will get real personal if sun god is fisher tiger. there were also theories that sasaki is kokoro's son and chimney's father and it brings in more depth to franky's fight as well. its also interesting how both sasaki never got to see franky's face till now (franky being inside shogun franky). would love for oda to give more depth to the flying six vs strawhat fights.
I'm sick and tired of reading otama plot, this is the most BORING SHIT EVER, does oda really think anyone in this freaking world care about her ? she's litteraly in EVERY chapter since forever.... :seriously:

I so wish that zoro fucking kills kaido or whatever, honestly i don't care anymore just freaking end wano i beg you. :josad:
We're probably going to get some cool action shots between Jinbe and WW. Relax.

Jinbe probably finished the fight with that last move. Kind of like Luffy's King Cobra.


Path of Ashura
I hope we get more Fisher Tiger, that he is the sun god or whatever
but that means who's who must be spectacularly dumb to not put the marijoa incident which happened just 2 years ago together with the legend of the sun god. or maybe no one knew it was fisher tiger who raided marijoa. there's some explaining from oda needed cos the timeline doesn't add up lol.
By the time arc ends

Zoro vs king fight chapters : 2
Sanji vs queen fight chapters : 2

tama and gifted chapters : 50

where the Oda nut riders just saying that this is all a build up and it will pay off and in the end Oda will rush all the fights

How exactly is this a “Tama chapter”? Most of the chapter isn’t centered around her lol. Reading the title alone is quite enough to see what this chapter’ll be about. People really need to stop judging before reading the actual chapter and also ride this circle jerking train because this literally happens every.fucking.chapter.
Probably was. The incident was humiliating to the CDs after all. Had word of it come out into the world, the citizens would have feared the CD's much less and consider possibilities.
Amongst WG agents tho? It could be a possibility but that would really just come out as convenient. Should’ve told us that when it was revealed
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