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Doubt tbh. Usopp never actually gained any powerups. Nothing here indicates WsW is defeated. Oda also isn't going to finish Jinbe's fight first, UNLESS his fight is actually with Jack. It's not his style.
Nah its definitely his style nowdays.

Spending alot of time/most of the chapter on this fight means its over for Whos Who makes no sense for anyother fight for Jinbe everyone pretty much gets one 1v1 fight in the climax of the arc.
Eichiro Soda is the worst fucking mangaka, I'm gonna drop this trash manga. Man drawing disgustings chapters, no fucking tension in the final battle, chapters focused on fucking tama and this lil trash taking 3 breaks per months since 2 years with 50 assistants doing all his fucking work.

Im pissed bye
Oda focusing on Jinbe vs Who's Who before Franky and Robins Fights? Very interesting... wonder if this means Robin and Franky will potentially Lose or something special is going to happen to them. Since Oda usually takes out the strongest opponents last.Found it weird that Sanjis fight was getting shown as early as it did compared to the other matchups.
I personally think it may indicate Jinbe vs WsW is not his final fight. Either he passes of the fight to Brook (breaks the floor below him to end up near Brook) so he can fight Jack, or he personally defeats WsW early to do the same thing.

Either this or it's just a chapter of fighting as his main fight and Oda decides to change focus before anything major happens anyway
Whos who heard along time ago that slaves believe that one day the legendary warrior SUN GOD will save them and Whos who believed it
There we go, that's not Fisher Tiger, the dude is dead.


Sounds like more prophecy for another Sun Warrior to go down in the Holy Land and save them.

I wonder who is gonna be? maybe some dude who has been associated with the DAWN of the world since the start of the series? you know, with the first chapter being called Romance DAWN.
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