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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1020
Title: Robin vs. Black Maria

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Fantastic action packed chapter

I am glad Oda went the unpredictable route with Yamato's fruit. Seems like now with Luffy (monkey) Yamato (dog/wolf) and Marco (pheasant) will follow the Legend of Momotaro. Congrats to those who guessed it right.

Robin finally acknowledging Luffy as Pirate King while standing up for Sanji was pretty bad ass of her
Oda methodically sinking the Yamatrash for nakama ship bit by bit. No way the guardian deity of Wano (who’s an inferior version of the dragon btw) with no additional skills or talents to speak of is going to join the crew. Thank the fucking lord, she can stay and be cancerous to the Scabbards instead.
keep coping harder and harder, there is no way that yamatos story wont end without her going out to see after being locked up for over 26 years.
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