Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Adv CoC doesn’t do any kind of manifestation… it’s as simple as what Kaido, Luffy and BM has showed.
Rayleigh literally says conquerors us "a manifestation of the users spirit". Asura is conquerors haki.
Even Kaido wasn´t sure about the power of ashura.
Zoro cut Kaido before but he didn´t comment anything about CoC, meaning when Ashura get released, he use adv CoC to cut Kaido.
As Artur said, conquerors is a manifestation of the users spirit.
Ashura is most like adv CoC.
Not only are these rumors going to be proved as fake, I'd rather not see Rocks as a new Shiki/Z who has to fight the SHs instead of the whole movie being about the God valley incident or his past.
Spoiler 1021
Queen breaks the raid suit and is near to kill sanji
Zoro break the bandage and active his coc
All the kaido crew in the living room are ko
Zoro says than luffy us near to Onigashima and he wants to go with him
Kaido has defeated but in this moment he sees luffy and zoro on the air.
Kaido:how are you live?
Yamato: they are odens
Zoro:he is 10 time stronger than aqua laguna
Luffy: so we need to make a technique 10 time strong
Zoro and luffy: gomugomu santoruy 3000 pound cannon
They make a attack more big than hakai. Marco sanji and yamato are surprised
Kaido try to stop it but his cub is broken and he falls down from the onigashima.
The end of the chapter the wano people in the capital see kaido ko and apparently dead
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