Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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I'm going to say that not buying on Yama Vs Kaido case:
1. Borobreath was downplated already, nothing special;
2. Furry is lame...we got white wolf, while we could have demon girl with dragon wings, if she had dragon fruit;
He's not an expert at the ability , he's still learning how to fight properly in the air. Look at what Rob Lucci was doing with Geppo, theres still levels to the rokushiki sanji has not displayed yet, So cant say he's an expert in the air. Especially without winning an aerial fight.

still waiting for sanji using rankyaku with diable jambe :finally::finally:


I wonder how Momo will fight against Kaido lol
don't think he will fight but who knows ? maybe his DF will get perfected and he can transform in a huge Dragon as Kaido at least in the cover spreads we already saw a huge dragon with same color as Momo's dragon form
dude, wtf ? where was it shown as advanced :crazwhat: didint we all see how adcoc looks? and Oda made a special look to it ? what is all those headcanons you zorobois pull
when zoro left scar , kaido said dont say you have supreme of king .

We know that there is two type of coc
basic and advanced.
basic is just related to will broken.
advanced is related to hit.

and we know that zoro did not use basic coc that moment. there is one only possibility that make Kaido say like that.
Asura is type of advanced coc.
That guy is the furthest from a Zoroboi my friend
He's defending Zoro tho which is surprising
ım not fan of anybody. ı just love talking reality.
if you somebody lies or humiliates sanji or zoro or someone else in SH , ı feel ı have to correct as what ı did you.
Be sure ı know zoros character better than you. ım not 1 2 year anime watcher or manga reader :)
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