Zoro's position in the Strawhat crew

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Ok, the rooftop was obviously a supernova only thing for thematic reasons. After that, the rooftop gang disassembled and went to their real fights. Luffy vs Kaido, Kidd and Law vs Mama, Hawkins vs Killer. Let's not pretend being on the roof was a power level. The story directs it and was better for it, but even if Akainu, Sabo, and Whitebeard himself were there, thy would never have made it to that rooftop.

As for getting "clapped by Black Maria", this chapter is literally a rebuke to you.

You are literally, legitimately, 100%, doing what Black Maria is doing and getting smacked down for in the chapter that you're commenting on. It's bizarre.
Lol feats on rooftop count. You sound like those people who say feats from MF don't count lmao
as i see it, diable jambe won't be effective against who's who because he uses hardening dofflamingo blocked it with just invisible haki, and sanji's CoA is kinda weak, but with the raid suit he might win high diff, compared to jinbei's mid diff.
Sanji's Haki is what hurting Queen who tanked attacks from Macro and Big Mom. So your saying Who's Who is above Macro and Big Mom then? That is dumbass by tier Idk what that on. Don't be dumb as Sanji is above Jimbei and Who's Who. Your desperate isn't helping you.
That brings up another point if Sanji was that guy he would’ve been a Supernova like Zoro and Luffy yet he wasn’t.
"If Sanji was that guy?" What guy? "Wings of the Pirate King?" He literally is. This is a stupid argument where you're trying to argue a fact.

If you cannot understand it, you are literally Black Maria. That's you. Next chapter Robin will beat you and move on.

You have built an argument based on deliberately misunderstanding what Oda wants to do with Sanji and ignored his narrative choices.

Sanji has always been "that guy." And you cannot ear your cake and have it, if you want to bring up bounty (which is 100% the only meaning of Supernova), then Sanji's bounty is >= Zoro, so what're you talking about?
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