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Sanji vs queen and king

Zoro healed

Zoro and sanji attack king and queen with great skills

Marco heard of the rare race of king and the fire behind him a long time ago

Hawkins linked his straw dolls to Kidd

Killer attack hawkins but the remaning are linked to kidd

Sanji said it’s difficult to deal with king and queen alone

Why you deleted this the mods
Marco blocked King attack at zoro


Title related to Marco posture

King race can throw/emit fire they were in the red line

Sanji was fighting both king and queen then as he was saying it hard to deal with them both he collapsed
then he came back fighting with zoro
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Pepebusi Spammer
Thanks to Korean Leaks

* 제목 "花形"

* 토비롯포 전멸이라는 전황 설명

* 오니가시마 꽃의 도읍 도착까지 15분

* 라이조 v.s. 후쿠로쿠쥬

* 킬러 v.s. 호킨스
호킨스의 잔여 짚인형는 키드에게 링크돼있음.

* 킹, 퀸 v.s. 상디
둘을 혼자 상대하기에는 버겁다고 함.

* 사탕 활로 상디를 노리는 페로스페로를 네코마무시가 급습..

* 킹의 공격을 마르코가 방어.
마르코: 옛날에 들은 적이 있다. 아주 옛날에, 붉은 벽 위에 "발화"하는 종족이 살고 있었다고...

* 조로 부활

* 마르코가 여기서 "花形" 등장이다요이! 이러는데 그냥 스타, 인기인으로 이해하면 될 듯..

* 조로와 상디가 각각 킹과 퀸에게 큰 기술 공격..
조로: 어이 빙글빙글, 이 싸움을 제패하면
상디: 그래, 시야에 들어오겠지...
루피가 '해적왕'이 되는 모습!!!

* 다음 호 휴재 없음.

그림 그릴 새가 없어서 저번처럼 여태 그렸던 이미지들 한꺼번에 찍은 사진+필터로 대체함.
- Raizo vs Fukurokuju
- The announcement of Tobi Roppo's defeat
- 15 minutes until Onigashima lands in Wano Country.
- Killer vs Hawkins
- Hawkins linked his straw doll to Kid
- Sanji vs King & Queen
- Nekomamushi attacks Perospero who trying to attack Sanji with Candy Arrow
- Marco block King's attack
- Zoro is recovered.
- In the end of the chapter, Zoro & Sanji attack King & Queen with an amazing skill/attack.
- There will be no chapter for this week because of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine Break

Confirmed by Redon, thank you!!

- Raizo vs Fukurokuju.
- Announcement to all Onigashima of the defeat of Tobiroppo.
- There are 15 minutes until Onigashima lands in Wanokuni.
- Killer vs Hawkins.
- Hawkins has linked his powers to Kid (if he is harmed / killed, Kid will be harmed / killed).
- Sanji vs King & Queen.
- Nekomamushi attacks Perospero, who was trying to attack Sanji with his Candy Arrow.
- Marco blocks an attack from King.
- Zoro recovers.
- At the end of the chapter, Zoro and Sanji attack King and Queen in an impressive double page.
- Zoro: If we win this battle ...
- Sanji: Yes, we'll be closer to ...
- Zoro and Sanji: Luffy becomes the King of the Pirates!!
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- The defeat of Tobiroppo is announced to all Onigashima.
- There are 15 minutes until Onigashima lands in Wanokuni.
- Raizo Vs. Fukurokuju.
- Killer Vs. Hawkins.
-Hawkins has linked his powers to Kid (if he is harmed / killed, Kid will be harmed / killed).
- Sanji Vs. King & Queen. Sanji says that it is difficult to deal with both at the same time.
- Nekomamushi attacks Perospero, who was trying to attack Sanji with his Candy Arrow.
- Marco blocks an attack from King aimed at Zoro.
-Marco tells King that he long ago heard that there was a race capable of creating / manipulating fire that lived on the Red Line.
- Zoro recovers.
- At the end of the chapter, Zoro and Sanji attack King and Queen in an impressive double page.

Zoro: If we win this battle ...

Sanji: Yes, we'll be closer to that ...

Zoro and Sanji: Luffy becomes the King of the Pirates.

There is no rest in the next issue of the Jump.
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Chapter title : star
花形 mean in japanese "star" or "flourish"

Chapter title :
花形 mean in japanese "star" or "flourish"
(hanagata) is a popular person or thing that is in a particular field and attracts attention.

(hanagata) is a popular person or thing that is in a particular field and attracts attention.
It is most appropriate given the Kabuki theme of the arc.

For those not familiar with the term, "Hanagata" is the equivalent to "the star of the show or the most important/crucial person in the act."
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From 106.101 korean leaker

* 킹, 퀸 v.s. 상디
상디: 둘을 상대하기에는 빡세군.. (쓰러진 상태)

쓰러진 상태 ==> put this in google and look at google images you will see examples of what happen to sanji this chapter

Sanji collapased while saying that these two are hard to deal with.

Yes sanji was fighting them but in the end he fainted/knocked out

but it is not clear if it is from an attack or fatigue we have to wait for more info

king is then free to go and attack zoro

at the end of the chapter he comes back and attacks with zoro

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Confirmation from spoiler provider twitter = @li1il1 go follow him (the guy who provide raw pics every week)


Edit: Yep(222.228) Meanwhile, Sanji is lying down again.

user comment about sanji fainting from 106.101 spoiler thread on


They are discussing the situation with sanji fainting they are korean members who can read 106.101's summary and know the situation going on. unlike us who are confused about sanji fainting they are 100% sure he is
Redon had more to say about the Tobi Roppo.


On the subject of Tobiroppo, I would wait to see the chapter before drawing conclusions about them. That part is curious.
Translated from:


Edit: I will note that this could be an opinion vs an actual observation. I'll let @Lance_Dragonite clarify if he wants to.

Edit 2: Just an FYI, he liked the comment days ago and never responded, so take that as you will. We'll know in a few days.
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Some clarification that may be interesting, posted by Redon in Pirateking as I translate to English:

In the context of another user saying that Marco refers to Zoro as hanagata when he enters the battle, Redon corrects:

"You are assuming something that the Spoiler does not say. You have assumed that that term refers to Zoro, even though we have an image in which Zoro and Sanji attack at the same time which we know 100% that it is from the end of the chapter".

Take it as you want, hope it's relevant information.

Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,022: "The Stars' Entrance" (花形登場 (はながた とうじょう)).

In the cover, some members of Tontatta tribe and a frog play hide and seek in hydrangea bush.

Chapter starts with an update of Onigashima's war. The narration says that the difference in numbers between the two sides are narrowing. We can see too a map of Onigashima's castle with the position of where each Tobiroppo was defeated. Despite the map shows the position of the 5 defeated Tobiroppo, we only see 3 panels with Black Maria, Who's Who and Sasaki unconscious after their battles (Page One and Ulti haven't their own panels).

Then we see Onigashima island flying in the sky, the Flower Capital is near. We can see in a small map that the island has already traveled half the distance from the coast of Wanokuni to the Flower Capital. We also see Luffy screaming and full of energy, he's inflated after eating all the food that Caribou gave him. Onigashima is 15 minutes away from the Flower Capital.

Cut to Onigashima's 3rd floor, Raizou and Fukurokuju are fighting. Raizou uses his technique “Ninpo: Bunshin no Jutsu” (Ninja Art: Clone Technique) to create some clones. Fukurokuju uses his technique “Ninpo: Mimitabu Crackers” (Ninja Art: Earlobes Crackers - 耳たぶ クラツカー) with which he can control his earlobes (that have firecrackers at the edge) at will like whips.

Despite the fact that Raizou attacks him with several clones, Fukurokuju is able to see through Raizou's technique and manages to hit the real Raizou.

Raizou: "Why you chose to serve Orochi!!?"

Fukurokuju: "I'm a ninja and it is ninja's duty to serve the Shougun of Wanokuni.
In contrast, the man you serve is merely a ghost.
You can't become a true ninja because you can't contain your personal feelings!!"

Raizou: "Our actions are sincere because we act with our personal feelings!!
We all died along with Oden-sama on that day.
What you see are merely ghosts who are here to carry out Oden-sama's will!!
What we do isn't "duty" since they are our feelings that drive us.
The night of Kaidou and Orochi is about to end, and the sun will shine upon Wanokuni as Momonosuke-sama becomes the Shougun!!"

As Raizou speaks, we see the other Red Scabbards. Kinemon, Kiku and Ashura are still lying on the ground (we can't see their faces) and the other are all running or fighting (including Denjirou).

Cut to another part of Onigashima's 3rd floor, Killer and Hawkins are fighting. Hawkins is using his scarecrow-like form, we can see some straw dolls in the ground. It seems Killer attacked Hawkins many times but there's no effect thanks to Hawkins' powers.

Killer: "How many lives you stored!!"

Hawkins: "Not many left... Fufufu."

Killer stabs Hawkins but Hawkins laughes.

Hawkins: "Yeah, I haven't many lives left...
But the question is “whose life” is it...!!"

Cut to Onigashima's 2nd floor, Law and Kid are fighting Big Mom. Suddenly, Kid kneels down with a stab wound appearing on his chest. Back to the 3rd floor.

Hawkins: "If you kill me, your captain will die too...
By your own hands!!"

Cut to the “Live Floor”. King and Queen (this one in hybrid form) are annihilating the entire floor together. They are attacking all Gifters that betrayed them. The area is on fire, King is grabbing the head of a 4-armed Gifter while his hand burns. Marco has reached his limit so he can't stop them anymore. Sanji tried to fight both of them too, but he was thrown away.

Sanji shouts at Chopper and Miyagi to take Zoro and run if the drug doesn't work. Miyagi says the drug may take some time to activate since Zoro was in critical condition. Sanji enters the fight again and kicks Queen's face. King goes for Zoro.

Perospero is still in the room, but he's moved a bit out of the action zone. He has drawn his candy bow and is aiming at Sanji, his intention is to shoot Sanji to avenge for the wedding. Perospero has Sanji within range, but just before shooting his arrows, Nekomamushi comes at full speed and slaps Persopero in the face. The blow makes Perospero fly off the “Live Floor” (he hits some rocks near a bridge).

Chopper, Miyagi and Tristan are running along with Zoro (a pair of samurai carry him). However, King appears before them cutting off their path. King "conjures" a fireball in his hand and attacks Chopper and the other with a new attack called “Andon” (Emperor Flame - 炎皇 (アンドン)). Marco appears at high speed and blocks King's attack with his “Fushi Azami” (Immortal Azami Flower - 不死薊), the same attack with which he blocked Kizaru's “Yasakani no Magatama” in Marineford (now that attack has a name).

Marco: "I heard that long time ago,
a race of being that can create fire lived on top of the "red wall" (赤い壁).
King the Fire* could it be that...?"

*Marco doesn't use King's normal nickname (“King the Wildfire” - 火災のキング) becouse he changes the term “kasai” (火災) for the term “kaen” (火炎) which means “fire”.

King: "..."

But then Queen enters the scene too and says he has already tired and that they are going to kill Marco. Queen prepares his laser beam while King "conjures" a fireball in his hand. They are both about to attack Marco.

Marco: "Okay, okay. I give up...
I've fought enough. My part ends here.
It's time for the “stars” to enter the stage!!

As Marco says that, we see Zoro's bandage being torn apart. Chopper is shocked (another "Enel face" lol)

Zoro: "Santouryuu...!!"

Sanji: "Diable...!!"

Zoro: "Rengoku Oni Giri!!!"

Sanji: "Mouton Shot!!!"

In a BADASS final double spread, Sanji and Zoro attack King and Queen together.

Zoro: "Hey swirly, if we manage to win this battle...!!"

Sanji: "Yeah, I can begin to see it...
The image of Luffy as “the Pirate King”!!!"

End of the chapter, no break in next Jump issue.
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