Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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His role is over, he literally said it. marco can heal others but no one can heal marco like he does unless minks have some others elixir.

He was in hybrid form all this time, no wonder he stopped for few moment queen and king together. Hybrid Queen is also walking like nothing happened.

Hybrid >>> Zoan > Base.
Didnt change the fact that ZKK is debunked
There isnt a rooftop level....... Infact the events of the chapter further proof that. Zoro back at full health using the attack he finihsed Killer off with to start a fight against King.
Which only hypes King and Zoro. Doesn't change that Killer was on the roof taking attacks from Big Mom and Kaido.

Let me run back the events.

1.Zoro defeats Killer
2.Zoro and Killer on the rooftop
3.Zoro gets far superior feats to Killer on the rooftop ...supports #1
4. Killer faces Hawkings...Hawkings uses Kidd (rooftop level) as hostage
5. Zoro faces King who fought Marco in base.....Marco who fought Big Mom for a while (with Big Mom leaving because she couldn't take him out quick enough).
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