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Yeah so using them as any barometer of this fight is false equivalence. To give you an example so you understand: an untrained guy fighting against two untrained guys is a lot more possible IRL than an MMA fighter fighting against two MMA fighters at the same time. The further you go up in the totem pole of proficiency the less leeway there is.
It's not, and no, your analogy is slightly inaccurate, it depends on the difficulty one needs to fight the other

if that untrained guy can high diff the other in a 1 on 1 and that guy could handle both people whom he can high diff individually for some time

and if that trained MMA fighters can high diff the other in a 1 on 1 and that guy could handle both MMA fighters whom he can high diff individually for some time

then yes, that untrained guy that holding his own against 2 untrained guy is as impressive as that MMA fighters that holding his own against 2 MMA fighters

Those minor injuries from a handful of injuries nearly knocked Robin out, Sanji took lots more attacks, while fully restrained and while completely turning off his defensive capabilities so as not to hurt Maria's fists...
nearly knocked robin out? proof?

and youre bringing up sanji was defenceless is irrelevant in this context since robin too took those attacks witouth defence (haki)

so in your opinion, how much endurance did BM took from sanji? 10%? 20%? 30%? or?

Worrying about Zoro and strategically planning your moves under that concept is not the way to fight optimally.
Worrying about zoro? man this is simple just a reach, Sanji literally let Chopper do the job, or you think Sanji has tiny faith in Chopper?
if people were you, power scaling would be a mess, "zoro was actually nerfed even more in the rooftop seeing luffy getting knocked out", etc
never said its a direct feat of strength. and no, it isnt ridiculous to use it when talking about portrayal. we're talking about stuff that king did while queen didnt even move his bum ass from onigashima.

sanji couldnt even put down page one for good in the suit.
gonna absolutely clown your ass when sanji extreme diffs the bum queen while needing to use the raidsuit LOL.
Didn't queen directly fight big mom in his weakest zoan form? Lmao that's more than king did from a feat and portrayal perspective.

Quote me on it when it's another mid diff like jabra.

Practicing on page one without haki and without diable jambe doesn't require a knock out. Sanji wanted to Practice. I understand it's hard to comprehend context as a zoro fan and having autism to boot. But lemme explain this.

Zoro is buns while sanjis the mfn 🐐
Simpji cuckboys are amazing.

They defended their virgin idol even when Oda was humiliating him at his lowest while the same Oda was making their nemesis, Zoro the chad, shine as much as possible.

This went for freaking years.

OMG my leg vs Vergo, lasting 10 seconds against Doflamingo, baking a cake instead of kicking asses in WCI, stomped into the ground by Drake, getting stomped into the ground by Animal King while pleaing for him to stop, the entire Black Maria thing. On a side.

On the other side. Oneshotting Vergo's peer, defending himself against an Admiral even pushing him back and gaining his praise, stomping fellow WG Supernovas left and right without even remotely going all out, Rooftop hype "strong pirates leaders of the new generation" " strongest rookies" "monsters" and so on, assisting and protecting his captain so many times against two Yonkos, a ton of impressive feats against the Yonkos in both offense and defense, culminating in blocking and then tanking a combined attack from Hybrid Kaido and Big Mom launched to destroy all Supernovas, and then go 1 vs 1 with Hybrid Kaido and leave him a wound heavy enough to leave a scar, without external help or involvement, showing Haoshoku Haki and replying Oden's feat and massively surpassing the combined strength of the Red Scabbards who couldn't even re-open Oden's old scar, let alone create a NEW one.

They didn't even believe anymore, they were destroyed. Now they exit from their hiding, because of a single phrase, believing that a phrase can erase a thousand of feats, portrayals, basically the entire manga up to now. It's so funny how desperated they are.

A phrase that only means that Zoro and Sanji are the strongest men behind Luffy, that "they have Luffy's back" exactly what the volume 73 SBS said. Guess what, we know this from... forever?

But somehow this "wings" thing becomes they having similar strength (willingly ignoring what volume 73 SBS said) . Come on. Don't be so desperate. You just want Sanji to be a bionde version of Zoro. Which sadly, he is not!

Zoro and Sanji are the PK Luffy's wings, sure. Just like Rayleigh and Gabban were the PK Roger's ones.

Still Zoro and Rayleigh are on a completely different level than Sanji and Gabban. Future WSS vs nothing and Dark King vs nothing. Haoshoku Haki vs no Haoshoku and Haoshoku Haki vs no Haoshoku. Right Hand vs Left Hand and Right Hand vs Left Hand. Rayleigh called Roger by his name, Gabban called him captain like everyone else, just like Zoro has a closer relationship with Luffy than anyone else does have.

This manga is easy.

Sanji can still be a good character and a strong warrior and he is. Some people's obscene obsession for him being "religiously" "almost on par with Zoro" is just nonsensical. It's like they having a difference in strength ruins their perverted Yaoi dreams, maybe?

I just want to remember that Sanji is currently fighting someone that Zoro intimidated with a casual flick of his wrist, while Zoro is fighting someone that stomped Sanji into the dirt with a nameless attack even if Sanji was using the RS.

Being in a panel together doesn't mean being equals or close. Oh, if you said it means, them be aware that for the few Zoro-Sanji panels, there are a shit thousand of Luffy-Zoro panels... and like zero Luffy-Sanji ones. Guess this doesn't count, of course, guess why... like all manga and databook statements of Zoro being the vice captain, being the first mate and on par with Luffy, of course they don't count, guess why...

It's Luffy > Zoro >> Sanji >>> every other Mugi.

Luffy extreme diffs Zoro.

Zoro high diffs Sanji.

Luffy mid diffs Sanji.

That's how always it has been and always it will be. Actually, by feats Zoro should mid diff Sanji and Luffy should low diff Sanji, but I want to be generous and to give more sense to the M3 thing.
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