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Lazy is the way
Not really, The fact that King fought Marco and his broken abilities without using hybrid in itself gives him great hype. Yup, Marco is exhausted, but he is still fighting in his strongest form i.e., he only lost HP and can still fight at his best. Yet, King fought on par with that in the base which is impossible without him having much better states than Marco. King is clearly the superior fighter b/w the two.
Marco > King

clear as dayyyyyyyyyyy


The Rogue Prince
The point is that, it’s not like Marco was holding back. He was going all out. Yeah, he had to contend with Queen too at the beginning and protect+heal the entire live floor, but King still made an all out Marco take a knee without going all out himself.
i see king not going hybrid like how luffy was never going g4 until well into the battle against doflamingo. oda loves to use these reveals for 1v1s.
Honestly, aside King, the most impressive thing is that Sanji doesn't seem to need his raid suit to fight Queen for now.. It blows my mind actually, going from getting his leg cracked by Vergo to a fighting on par with a Yonko Commander in his base..
Honestly that moment isn't an accurate portrayal of sanjis strength.

Add in the fact that sanji was whooping vergos ass idk why it was seen as a bad moment...
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