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20 years and zoro still didn t had a fight against a pure swordsman :josad:
He doesn't need to fight swordsman if he keeps growing.
Lel even Queen is wielding his sword in this chapter, and King still refused to pull his sword out
He didn't think that Sanji nor Marco were a threat big enough for him to pull his sword out.
Dam* !! The chapter will be amazing!
If momo change to an adult dragon just to take luffy fast enough to where kaido is oda will ruin a great character development.
I mean shinobu could use her fruit on luffy instead and actually do something.
I mean if luffy got two years older with all this abilities he will be unstoppable..:josad:
Queen looks to tanky and strong, i don't think that he really cares about sanji's attacks that dude is strong!
King hype finally! Fast and strong and still in base..
Let's see how the monster duo will deal with those beasts.
Let's hope oda will take his time we these fights..

Serious Marco fights Base King and Base Queen. He holds his own in 1 vs 2 pretty well, but can't really damage them. He is serious while they are pretty much holding back (no Hybrid etc).

Then Sanji starts fighting Queen, while Marco presumably continue fighting King.

Now Marco is exhausted.
Logic tells that Marco is exhausted mostly because of King, plus the previous efforts vs King + Queen and healing the samurai.


B-but Marco is exhausted because King + Queen, even if he is fighting King alone since many chapters ago.

Or: Marco is exhausted because Gifters are supporting King. Yes, I can easily see Gifters being so strong that they overcome Marco's regeneration more than playing around King + Queen or Admirals could lol.

King = Marco at the very least.
Most likely, King >= Marco if not > Marco.

And Sanji, lol. He got stomped by King and Queen in seconds. This shows how far is he from YC1 level, as Marco could at least hold his own decently vs King and Queen.
You don’t think 10 days of endless magma waves or lasers would gas out Marco’s regen?

There’s no way you’re this retarded.
You're the retard for thinking Marco is just going to watch them spam attacks. Obviously he is going to be attacking and kicking them with haki attacks. I swear casuals like you who know nothing about combat are the worst. By your logic Ace or Enel could just spam attacks at Marco and he would die eventually. Obviously he would sit there. My god you're dumb as a rock.
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