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The weight of the portrayal is what's matter.

It's true that sanji was said to be the wing, but it held no weight.

Zoro joining the fight and raising the morale of the entire live floor with thousand of allies, THAT'S REAL WEIGHT.
Yep, author saying three times they are the wings doesnt matter at all, it's all in our head!
Or even best, author giving us numbers which put them at the same lvl, it's all in our head again!

Hahaha, how ridiculous can you be:kobeha:. Really pathetic.
Hi guys..Chrono here.

Big developments happening for Sanji and Zoro in the latest chapter. Just want to get into. So for the second time do we have Sanji and Zoro being put on eqivalent status in the span of 3 chaps….gotta be a record lol. But yh obviously Oda reinterating Sanji’s importance and status for the ignorant Ztards who cant comprehend. Both wings of Luffy…..and now Stars of Wano. As for Sanji….proud of my boi. He’s been putting in the work since the raid started. No time for rest at all. Taking on King and Queen….and getting back imediately is nothing to joke about. Then stealing half of Zoro’s “coming back” spotlight…..I know the Ztards are fr crying now lmao. As for Sanji vs King… sticking to it forever. I will die on that hill lmao. No going back for me lmao. And I prefer it that way. I still dont think this chapter is adamant proof of Zoro vs King….because Oda is the King of Curveballs. He made Usopp vs P1 look like it would happen, but it never did. And compare the Nami end of 1013 I believe, to what actually happened afterwards lol. Didnt really feel like Nami vs Ulti ever even happened lol. As for this Zoro and Sanji vs King and Queen panel, I think Oda has done it to show Luffy’s strongest vs Kaido’s strongest….but most importantly to establish Zoro and Sanji as the New Stars of the show more than anything. Zoro honestly has his plotline with Whori, Orochi and Kaido ( Yes I will jump on ZKK for the sake of Sanji vs King). As for this chapter being concrete proof, lets not pretend this didnt happen in FMI….

And Sanji ended up defeating Wadatsumi and Zoro ended up defeating Hyouzou. Like the FMI panel, Oda is just specifically grouping Sanji and Zoro to show a certain point….and not to show their opponents. Both Sanji and Zoro have had seperate interactions with both King and Queen. So nothing is for certain yet. Honestly Oda is a nutjob if he wastes a dude with 4 wings on Zoro.

But yh still great chap for Sanji. Man managed to knock out endurance king Perospero for 7 chaps whilst Zoro couldnt keep Apoo down for 1 lmao.

Im really happy with the feats and potrayal Oda is giving to Sanji, I just need that Sanji vs King to go all the way. Either way….honestly the potrayal Sanji is getting is better than Law and Midd tbh.

"Sanji vs King, Sanji = Zoro ":shame:
That's not how the off-panel fights works. The time between Chapter 1000 and Chapter 1015 is much more than 30 minutes, which was the near amount of time that Kaido soloed Chapter 1010 Luffy between Chapter 1013. Based on this ''only the panels that we see counts'' logic, Kaido vs Luffy fight also lasted less than a minute.

King said he can't help others because he was busy in Chapter 1004, he meant Marco soloing him and Queen ( In Chapter 1005, we see King was fighting Marco), thus he couldn't go to kill 9 scabbards, instead others went to finish them.

Also note that Marco was clashing with Big Mom for unknown amount of time (between Chapter 992 to Chapter 995) while Kaido was soloing 9 Scabbards. That would also reduce Marco's stamina.
I can’t believe I’m backing Erkan here, but a one chapter pretend fight between Chopper and Queen was literally 20 minutes long.

Marco stalled King and Queen together from chapter 1000 - 1008, during which the entire rooftop battle took place. It’s safe to say he was stalling them and healing the live floor anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half.

Even though Marco was exhausted after that, he still went on to fight King and a squad of flying headliners/gifters for another 14 chapters.
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