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Never Feed The Badders Pasta
Sanji fans really got baited hard in this chapter.
Initial spoiler: sanji took on king + queen
in-depth spoiler: sanji took on king + queen and struggling
actually panels: sanji and marco got destroyed by king + queen.

RIP :sanjimeh:
Brooooooooooo. Let it go:pepeke:
You have been banging on about Sanji all day. Ain't you tired??

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Nah man. Marco was locked in a 2 v 1 through the better part of this war against two Yonko Commanders. 3 v 1 if you count Perospero. There is no way to reach any kind of conclusion as to where King stands in terms of a 1 v 1 against Marco.
Marco only fought the two of them for a brief period of time— It was when he sent Zoro to the top and when Queen tried to attack Hyogoro to be exact. Other than that, He was mostly locked in a one-on-one with King. Queen stopped fighting Marco and focused on Chopper even before Pero entered the fight. Marco also stopped fighting the two of them. Correcting me if I am wrong but we never even saw Pero attacking Marco.

King is holding his own against Marco's best forms of fighting without using his own. I agree Marco lost a major chunk of his flames which results in less HP for him, but he is clearly inferior to King as a fighter because he couldn't fully dominate King despite him fighting Marco in the base for the most part. King took the best moves Marco has shown with little to no effort. His attacks are affecting Marco despite his regeneration. All in all, King clearly established that he's fully capable of besting Marco and his broken abilities. I am sure Marco can do much more if it's a proper one-on-one but he'll lose eventually.
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