Should MonsterZoro be banned?

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Magellan>=Pre Time Skip Shiryu.

I don't think you can compare Burgess to Magellan level characters.

Anyway, do you honestly think Shiryu would lose to Sabo?
Lmao that's some bs. I don't care about narrative hype. We all know Magellan washes shiryu and it's not even funny.

I see zero definitive proof that Burgess loses.

Add in the fact that we're talking post ts... Burgess is the only one with feats.


World's Strongest Swordsman
No one saying... OMG Sanji is weakened after being beaten up by Black maria plus now against King and Queen while Zoro had a Senzu Bean?

If it would be the other way around, people would say how handicapped Zoro is
Lmfao getting beat up black Maria
Don't take the piss
That's proper loser talk
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Bruh he has 20 broken bones and can't walk.

He got bent over and fucked
Yet he still did an attack strong enough to one shot eos sanji
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