What will happen till end of Wano?

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did you even read that chapter?
Big mom explicitly asks how many of the 5 are gonna survive this attack.
Luffy uses Future Sight and predicts the attack much before it comes and still calls it dangerous.
Kaido and Big mom are extremely surprised that all 5 survived.

Keep downplaying Zoro blocking the strongest attack in the series and compare it with Sanji getting offscreened by 2 Yonko commanders.
The blows of WB is stronger than hakkai.
zoro just braked the hakkai for 1 second he neither blocked nor canceled nor tanked.
but yes braking 1second is already impressive
Hop on Sanji CoC Train while you can before its too late
Zoro cut king fire = Sanji gain fire hotter than king
Zoro unlock coc = Sanji unlock coc
Zoro do something = Sanji do same thing

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Hakai strongest move? Yeah right. I bet Luffy's new KKG will be stronger. Even the old KKG is probably stronger.
Kin’emon’s farts >>>>>
What are her physical feats that place her above any of those samurai?
Having the strength to use blue walk which is another variation of suro… A technique only super human characters can do… the capability of tanking Ulti’s powerful head butts, destroying 4 to 5 fodders with his kicks in high speed back in PH. Now give anything indicates this fodder samurai extra is nowhere close.
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