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Killer getting his moment again. As expected from someone that can injure Zoro 💪🏾.
Don't know why Kid is smiling though, without Haki he ain't touching Big Mom ngl.
Confirmed that Queen never used Haki in his attack, Lanji got lucky......again :funky:
This was an amazing chapter.
Oda managed to create immense hype in this chapter for the battle between Kid and Law vs Big Mom.
Kid once again proves that hes a tank.
The tower was a nice reference that the Yonkous will fall this arc so that the new generation can emerge and rule the seas.

Killer vs Hawkiks was nice and fast battle with beautiful double streads. Killer defeating Hawkins and creating the path for his Captain was beautiful.

I actaully like the fact that Sanji will be taking a break from the battle. Oda is protecting Sanjis hype by making it a fast battle in favor of Sanji because the battle wont last long when it resumes.
Kid durability and endurance is ridiculous. Tanking a Big mom punch to the face then napoleon. Next will be Adv COC :steef: Kid Piece is finally upon us:kidsmile:
The wait is over. We get to see the goat in action. I love big mom, but her long career is coming to an end. Its time for young/new generation to shine:funky:
"captain Mid", "Lid" what a bunch of Clowns 🤡 Oda is putting the haters and troll in their rightful place. First, it was sanji, calamities and now Captain Kid. Destroying headcannon with every chapter. Its Glorious. Goda is not showing them any mercy. Amazing chapter.
Not open for further replies.