Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Queen has hyped himself also you dumbfuck. Does that put him close to Kaido too?
both of them are less than 1/3 of Kaido per bounty and portrayal.
King's feats are significantly above Queen and Katakuri. Dude tanked an attack significantly stronger than one which cleaved Kaido's scales like butter.

I get it, you're down bad because your agenda crumbled to dust, but no need to lash out at people and insult them in your saltiness. Maybe go take a nap?
Where are all the Zoro haters now, huh?
Where are these rats?
Are they fangirling about Zoro and King now, like their kneeling cheerleaders Sanji and Queen?

Deal with it candibois

Also, it seems that Queen tanked Hell Memories from Post Power Up Sanji without much trouble.
All of Sanji’s Plotlines are either Deteriorating or curving to Zoro lmao.
All of the hype we thought was for Sanji was infact actually for Zoro.
oh man
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