Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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You said you are not a zoro hater
Then the part about Zoros opponent where the date is not completely available, why do you assume the worst?

Is it because it makes you insecure about Zoros power level since King is getting constantly hyped by undefeatable monster, can survive in any harsh conditions.

Why can't you assume best case scenario?
Do you want King to be weak? Would you rather have King run away?
:whitepress:Too bad, I will always be a zoro fan and not a sword swallower, that's the difference.

Speaking of insecurities, you have your silly temper tantrum amuck because some people don't share the same opinion as you. So yeah, I rather not be a bandwagoner and stay consistent.
King switches forms a lot
He doesn't stick to one form or style
Zoan, hybrid, swords etc...

His strongest attack seems to be the clowj attack so far
It's powerful.
Same way Queen's snake clown attack is his strongest so far?

Let's see more
Kind of surprised King hasn't used his hybrid form more tbh, but I don't really mind because I like his zoan and base forms designs much more.

Queen did switch from Hybrid to zoan once iirc, but yeah, King switches forms every chapter lol.

King does seem to be a really balanced fighter in general. Skilled with the sword, monstrous physical strength, capable of using ranged attacks with fire, his beak is dangerous too.
Because that's the hype all about
Even Queen hypes his race to be monstrous to survive anywhere!

If it wasn't mainly due to his race, he'd be bleding and hurt from the attacks he took
You are aware that Queen hasn't met any Lunarian's but King...correct? I'm not sure why you're using Queen as a reliable source of information. Queen's opinion about Lunarian's comes from King. It's a sample size of 1.

There would be other Lunarians still alive if every Lunarian was as strong as King. It's really that simple.
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