Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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I remember when Zoro came back to Sabaody after the TimeSkip and said "I want to go Fishing"....

Fishing just like his soon to be confirmed grandpa who I personally believe took Zoro as a baby boy from Ringo all the way to the Shimotsuki village in the East Blue in order to save his life and preserve the bloodline of the Sword God now that Kaido overthrew all of Wano. That'd explain why Zoro and Ushimaru (brothers? Or father and son) look alike and why he had to use a different last name to try and cover his real identity.

Since he was also a pirate in his prime I assume he did in fact travel back and forth to Wano and I also assume he met teenage Garp or Roger and maybe even Rocks....

The Hype with Shimotsuki Kouzaburo should not be overlooked
This theory aint possible lol Coz Kozaburo left wano 50 yrs ago
Hakai didn’t have CoC it was just pure strength. It is an Elbalf like attack meaning less reason for Haki and more for pure power

Zoro’s swords get taken away from him and stuck to him and he can’t use them. That is where the nightmare to swordsmen come from, BM who is physically stronger than Zoro still had Napoleon taken away from her
You forget that law was next to BM and he kept his sword.

Law > BM in strength?
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-Usless Midd is dog shit compared to Zoro
-Big Meme is dog shit compared to Mihawk
-And boy oh boy Katakuri is even worse worse dog shit compared to King and this one stings the most
I guess Germany is famous for this:suresure: But there live many different people in a country. Not everyone has the same viewpoints.
I see it. So what is your opponent on nude beach or public bath ? It is literally anime fanservice in real life.:kayneshrug:

I disagree with nude beach and public bath.

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King is low diff to Kaido. Kaido even took Zoro's Asura when Enma's power was surging, and only got a scar.

Kaido is built different. And still Luffy is such a beast. Hybrid Kaido is weaker than 1026 base Luffy.
Enma doesn't have a special power. It's just a sword with a strong will that'll test it wielder. This chapter literally states as such. That wasn't Enma increasing his power, but Zoro releasing all his haki and going all out, hence Asura.
Daily Reminder Zoro and Luffy have ADV CoC and Sanji doesnt

It's like that meme where you have the 3 headed dragon and you have 2 badass ones' and one dumb lookin motha fucka hahahahaha
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With Enma Nerfing Zoro as well
:kata: sanji is the genetically and emotionally superior individual

Besides, he still has that passion thing going on, it's as good as coc if his flammes get more powerful the stronger his emotions are, and he still has the forshadowed demon like form since thriller bark

:kayneshrug: or plot twist it was coc from the beginning, just a coc fueled by emotions instead of will
Kidd getting too close would be his own doom.
He'll might get his remaining arm cut.

To be used without risk " Assign" one needs help from someone.
He can do the same thing he did to BM, grab his foe with metal and keep them up in the air with junk. Then touch them with assign

Kidd is also a tank in case you forgot he can handle pain and sword slashes from a Yonko herself.
Lol compare the way Luffy got advanced coc and Zoro got it
Luffy : trains in flowins his Ryuo , then gets smashed by kaido twice and BAM "i figured it out"
Zoro : trains with Enma , a sword that Suck's the user Ryuo , then gets oblitarated and with a Final attack uses trace amounts of CoC , then after getting beaten by King starts thinking deeply about how cursed swords work and he has an idea , letting the Ryuo flow uncontrollably and THEN he unlocks Advanced CoC

FAR FAR FAR more organic development in Zoro's case
You also forgot the context that luffy literally has been using coc for the entire timeskip, and has been stated multiple times that coc is his specialty. The fact that he got knocked out twice by a fellow strong coc user and his ryuo training made him realize how he can do it on top of coc being his talent.

Zoro only got confirmed to be a coc user and learns how to use its advanced form in a span of 20-30 chapters. I don’t know how that’s more organic than a guy who’s been using coc for more than 500 chapters.
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