Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Can’t he just have the best CoA? Can’t he just have immense physical strength. Can’t he have an overpowered sword?

CoC isn’t the only power in existence, mihawk can’t claim having the greatest CoC based off title alone
It's debatable but CoC seems to play a very relevant role in combat at the hightest levels expecially. Not necessarily to be the strongest for instance Akainu might not possess CoC, his lethality could suffice but he probably will.
Dang people like comrade and Lee, and zowo are double face flip flop. Many people may come to flip flop

They praise zoro before then they mock zoro today.

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Wonder where Oda is going with this now that he has brought Zoro and King back inside Onigashima. Killer is still lurking around in there without an opponent, and Zoro is pretty close to his limits. We might be getting that team up after all. Oda can't leave Killer behind after what he is doing for the rest of those who were on the rooftop.
Zoro + Luffy vs Kaido is coming soon
heavily dependent on the opponent they are taking on

heres an example

luffy beat katakuri 1v1 - a top yc character
luffy took a tb head on and was out. oh and ofc kaido being injured here shouldnt be a factor in his attack power. i recall you making this argument not too long ago.
Yes. Luffy fought Katakuri. For 11 hours. The same thing with Cracker.

He lost brutally to Kaido, who is well above YC level.

What is the correlations here to how fast you think a YC should be put down, relative to how close their opponent is to them in strength?

Luffy went into the Katakuri fight relatively weaker than him, and needed to improve over the course of 11 hours in order to beat him.

Same situation here with Zoro and Sanji. Going into fights against Yonko Commanders, when they are much weaker than them.

So if Luffy vs Katakuri is the standard for a weaker character to overcome a Yonko Commander, then shouldn't the time frame be about 11 hours?

But magically Zoro and Sanji will overcome Yonko Commanders in a fraction of a fraction of the time, due to time constraints, because we know damn sure they both won't have 11 hours to improve.

Or Zoro and Sanji's powerups are going to be just so astronomically high that they jump from being weaker to way stronger, and are able to defeat these guys with much more ease?

None of this adds up.
@Den_Den_Mushi @ShishioIsBack bruh King is hardcore trash, no wonder Who’s Who knew that he could defeat King lol, Kamazou finished Sanji in one blow but King has landed dozens of hits on Sanji at this point and Sanji still has that dumb generic Shonen mascot smile on his face lol.

Even Big Job and Crydo only needed like 2 attacks to finish Sanji but King can’t finish this bitch after landing 50+ attacks smh
BM and Kaido combined attack that was Island size that was ment to kill all 5 supernovas. You sound stupid and Didn't Kaido KO Luffy with like 1 Attack on the Roof then knock his ass off the island saved by fodders and doctors
The fuck ?
Ashura makes a comeback after 500 chapters ,. "Scars kaido" after that Kaido:"you have conqueror's haki too"
Hell memories makes a comeback after 400 chapters , . Queen:"let me tell you about king"
The disrespect is real
Zoro simply too irrelevant. :mihanha:

After advcoc for Luffy and Zoro rest of mugiwaras looks like a bunch of clown in terms of power, sadly
That applies to nearly every team in fiction, though. If Yamato joins, she alongside Luffy and Zoro are gonna make up the Conqueror's Trio.

Cook and Jinbei are the Fire & Water Duo, followed by the Dependable Trio, and then Crying Trio.
"ACoC" can be used by any CoC user with Ryou. Oda has shown instantaneous unlocking TWICE. This is not a new technique but just a merging of old stuff.

Boa with 99.9% chance has it as well. It doesn't make her Top Tier, or "the strongest YC1" either. Neither does it place Yamato at that level.
Yea, how about i go with what the story says. Only the a few of the very strongest can use it.
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