Has Queen been defeated?

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better quality scan show Sanji hair turn black a little bit

I told you guys ifrit jambe has a drawback

he will then evil next week

evil Sanji adv

I agree, this chapter didn't conclude Sanji's arc in Wano. He will probably start going evil again, that will either interrupt his fight Queen or just happen while Queen is inconscious right now.
Eventually we'll get awakened Queen vs Sanji.
Next week Sanji get hit by ice oni virus to protect o some and his ifrit jambe no longer works

ice oni also unlock his ice heart from judge

evil Sanji coming

only Sanji can use adv coc in evil mode

evil Sanji wants to conquere and become ruler of germa


Evil Sanji was just b8 from Oda.
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Sanji can easily tank kids electromaric awakening

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Wtf Sanji are 2 yonko level attacks in a row and no damage after

Now I can see why he not on roof top before his power up

Anyone can tank Yonko attacks. They suck
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