What is King’s real name?

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Yoh Sanji sent Queen from one end to the other end of Onigashima damn!

Lol Kaido freed himself then went on to free King
He's the one who named him "king"
He first falls him "guinea pig " lol
He knew about lunarians already back then hm

:milaugh:King becomes so afraid that he starts flying back, retreating from taking Zoro's attacks

Anyway, his high speed attack was countered and blocked by Zoro (:josad:
this dude will blitz Katakuri? Lol

:suresure:RIP ZKK
Oda just remake Ryuma scene cutting the dragon here with Zoro cutting The flame and King
Tempura udons like a beam according to zoro so nah kings regular movement is too slow for kizaru
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