What is King’s real name?

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People weew thinking Ifrit Sanji had lower AP than Marco/King are daydreaming

Sanji's was able to send a huge zoan flying from one end of the island to the other
This is like Tankman sending Cracker across the forest till chateau
and it doesnt come with the time limits g4 comes with
queen and king are not weak
zoro and sanji just got that much stronger.
Katakuri the weak cuck has lost all hope this chapter all of it.
He isn't even in the same league as King, he needs to be playing connect 4 against Kaidos right hand man.

One man is acknowledged as strongest subordinate by the captain, one "Lowly son" is only called strongest subordinate by fodder who later spits on him and Meme seems to care more about streusen and perospero
Watching you cope and seethe because King doesn’t have CoC is so funny
Zoro: "I won't let you take these “Meitou”!!!"

Zoro manages to free his swords and steps away from King. However, Zoro can't see where's King because he's moving at high speed.
Sorry Kata fanboys King speed>>>>> his fs it's no joke if even Zoro can't fully see it
Katakuri doesn't give a fuck about body movement speed. That's easily dodgeable. The only to get to him is absurd attack speed.
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