What is King’s real name?

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Sanji's upgraded flames are just hotter, while King can create huge flame dragons to attack, which Zoro compares to Magma.

King's flames >> Sanji's. Queen confirmed.

Except that sanji's flammes scale way hotter than normal magma

Sanji can cover wadasumi, a character stated to be mountain sized, in flammes

So sanji's flammes can over a larger area and happen to be hotter

Sanji's flammes>King's
Zoro reacted before Law could teleport.

FS doesn't increase body speed. That's why Kaido could still hit Luffy while he uses FS.
Kaido is simply that great. His attack speed is just insane. The use of FS is to know seconds before hand. Even if you lack body speed it gives you an edge top that with the speed of someone like Kata.
Cry some more. Zoro blizted, bested and sacrred Kaido. He's powerful and so is King.

Use your mental gymnastics somewhere else.

Fact is LING couldn‘t damage yet alone HIT ZOLO in this chapter. Meaning Ling is weak and Zolo beating a weak character doesn‘t make him strong. Same with Lanji beating
Queer. Loda

however if Ling managed to hurt and hit Zolo in this chapter (pictures will give us the answer), I will take back what I said.
I think you are going a bit overboard on the Queen fight and it's a bit ridiculous for you to say that Queen didn't live up to his hype as a Calamity. Before Sanji got his power up, Sanji was having trouble fighting Queen and Queen almost killed Sanji if it wasn't for plot armor and power up saving him.
Im not saying that he wasn´t impressive, I mean that we never see his special name in terms of his fighting style, I wish to see Queen the plague, but so far I got cyborg stuffs which neither display his name as plague. I hoped so much that Queen would display a finisher move with poison but I was wrong. He didn´t life up anything for the name as plague in his battle with Sanji, that is what I mean.

Goodbye King :josad:

Without you, I have no reason to read OP anymore :josad:
Don't let all of this distract you from the fact that the initial spoilers ALWAYS try to downplay Sanji.

Initial spoilers: "Queen is defeated, Sanji fainted"

Actual full spoilers: "Sanji's attack was so powerful that sent Queen flying off Onigashima"

The legacy of the Sanji hater korean spoiler provider continues
Honestly yeah lol
See how weak your conviction is, when you realize you are not intelligent enough to win a serious argument with me you decide to insult and troll and run away.

I don't even need to troll because arguing for Zoro > Big Mom is that fucking easy.

He murks Prometheus in Two seconds
He no sells every Zeus and here attack
Napoleon gets launched into the air as she is too unskilled to coat her sword with CoC
Then he blocks all her hits and then decapitated her in single attack
Same but stronger version of attack thst made her shit her own diaper on the roof top

Zoro permanently scarred someone far far far more durable than her in a single strike while 30 broken bones with only one of his sword releasing CoC.
This time around Zoro has 3 swords and opponent isn't Kaido.

Do the match. Zoro massacres Big Mom
The sooner you accept the reality the better
Literally 90% of your posts are just insults because you have a mental breakdown whenever someone doesn’t wank your favorite anime character.

The equivalent of 2 Ikoku’s nearly killed Zoro, even though he was only holding it back for 1 second
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