What is King’s real name?

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I don’t really see how King using magma-level fire with his stronger attacks is an Akainu downplay.

Like you guys realize that Akainu can reach those temperatures just by existing?

Meigou and his higher level techniques must be insane in terms of AP.
Are Akainu's moves working on King tho? King already shits magma level fire, he's able to survive inside vulcans by hype, Akainu would need AdCoC to kill King.
Cry less than 15 mins chicken
Bullshit aside, from 0 to 100%, how do you actually believe ZKK is happening?

Afterall those Luffy claiming he will take care of Kaido, Zoro believing in him, and now, you all got the very similar panel that Redon even described it's the same as the one happening in Monster?
Why waste the Ryuma parallel on King if it's going to happen again in a couple chapters time with Kaido? Just lessens the effect.

Zoro's still gonna face Kaido again but it won't be as executioner unfortunately.
For it to parallel Ryuma, the feat has to be performed above the capital to bring the lore and Toki's dawn prophecy full circle.

Only three SHs saw what happened in PH.

No one saw what happened in Onigashima.

It is nowhere near the dawn.

ZKK is upon us all. :cheers:
Ah, so that's what this is about. You don't want Zoro to overshadow Lulffy. Too fucking bad lmao, he already has:
  • Unlocked both basic and advanced COC in the same arc
  • Scarred Kaido
  • Overcome Kaido's dragon twister
  • Forced Kaido to dodge an attack instead of blocking or tanking
  • Blocked an attack from two Yonko, got back up, chopped Prometheus into pieces and then scarred Kaido on top of it
Chad Zoro can do all the things. Keep underestimating him, it's funny how y'all never ever learn :milaugh:

So I guess Kaido was right and there is no samurai in Wano that can match or surpass Oden? Ouch.
Zoro already overshadowed Luffy. They won't be able to handle what coming lmao
And how's kaido gonna know about that when luffy gonna ko him is he gonna go get up go to zoro and say well done you like oden (even though you were saying he's gonna say its momo lmfao)
If only there was someone in Kaido's forces whose been broadcasting the events of the raid all throughout the entire Island this entire time...... Would be wild if someone like that existed....
For all the shit I gave King, he's pretty cool. He's >= to Katakuri even though I think he would lose more times than not to Kata.

Oda made a massive mistake having King's story arc end so quickly. He would have become a massive fan favorite if Oda revealed more about him earlier on rather than just having him sit in the background for 100+ chapters doing fuck all.

Can't wait to see panels. The summary sounds very hype especially the exchange between him and Zoro.

And for sure Zoro's AP is now in the league of Top tiers. His other stats has to catch up though. So he's still not a full fledged top tier. He'll get there likely after Shiryu
Lets see the panels first tho i want to nitpick whether Zoro have only black lightning streaks or also no-touch zone that both Oden and Rayleigh emphasize about AdvCoC powerlevel ("the power to defeat someone without touching them" "they're not even touching") and so on and so on, it may be useful to shield against some Agenda Piece or if i wanna banter a bit :blush:
We will agree to disagree mate.
Why do you disagree? With what feats can Big Mom beat Zoro? I know you are not dishonest like @Shiroyru and won't troll like "Ikokou is half as strong as Hakai" insult and run away.

So lets take Zoros feats his speed his CoC his endurance his AP his defense, Ashura, his combat IQ, his will power, how does Big Mom win against all that?
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