What is King’s real name?

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Uh uh, those fierce fandom battles. A few reminders:
- ZKK is happening.
- It's still unclear who will look stronger by the end of Wano between Kid and Zoro. Zoro definitely looks better but you never know what might happen. Still, it's best to bet on Zoro on that one.
- Franky has been a boss in this raid.

Bye boys and girls, have a nice day:catpole:
Sounds fair. Honestly at this point Kid literally needs to defeat BM (and have the main role in it).
@BillSlipton I'm gonna try to explain what I was seeing about that Zoro panel because it's bothering me now that I am incredibly confused


From your POV Zoro took King's kick with the side of his body, which would mean he was rotated, making it look like he was coiled and he is holding the sword in his right hand.

But from my POV, Zoro took King's kick with the front of his body, meaning that he is facing completely straight, not coiled, and that the sword is in his left hand. If you focus on the panel really hard you can see both orientations LOL

But if you look at the panel on the left and you check his grip

You can see Zoro's grip looks like the picture on the left, which is only possibly if you're using your left hand
Jesus christ this is the whole left leg or right leg again :pepecafe:
Btw, what was the point of King hiding his face?
He was known to have escaped with Kaido, and then there's a bounty for a dude with Black Wings and fire abilities....
Seriously, what was the point?
Who the fuck would confront Kaido's forces directly to try and capture King even if he's rare?

I can understand Katakuri having problems with his mouth. But King didn't have it.
Maybe during a Kaido flashback we get a little bit more into that.
Didn't you read that his own Crew members just discovered he's a Lunarian?

It's too avoid more ppl knowing.


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
Does that fire dragon do any damage to sanji if it lands ?

It burns through him. There's a reason that Oda didn't let Zoro try to tank it but instead to cut through it.

Good lord, to think that G4+++ Beef Burst attack won't even be enough to finish Avalo Pizarro... The Avalo wank train has just officially started.
I think it'll be Lafitte:
  • Chief of Staff
    • That's the same position that Sabo holds.
  • Reintroduced alongside Shiryuu (Zoro's opponent)
  • He's BB's The Hunter.
    • Could sneak into a meeting room of a couple Top Tiers and several High Tiers.
      • Including Hawkeyes.
    • IIRC, he was responsible for the Gate of Justice stuff.

Logically speaking there shouldn't be no villians in Elbaf that could contest against Luffy after Wano beside another yonko but we shall see in the end.


Heavy Metal
It's nonsense but Oda always delivers, meanwhile Midd was supposed to have ryuo, copy Luffy's gears, carry the rooftop fight, be the last man standing with Luffy and 2v2 Kaido and BM, everyone is joining Midd's crew, Killer was going to turn into a giant wolf, the list of nonsense goes on. :shame:
Theories my friend, we can have them. But ZKK is no theory, its more like a cult, ignoring the manga itself.

And Luffy + Kid vs Kaido and Linlin is still on the table and makes sense.
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