What is King’s real name?

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I found the yonkous stronger because of advCoC, and I thought those with that power rule the world. That's what I thought until Yamato got advCoC, even though she was clearly weaker than an admiral. So I don't know what to think, let's wait and see
what do you think are the chances of them having it
akainu is a no brainer for me personally
What I was trying to say earlier was that Zoro defeated King and sliced karyuudon over the skies of the flower capital. Due to Queen already being knocked off onigashima at the start of this chapter, its very likely that the people of wano already know whats going on.
If 1036 is going to focus on Luffy, Kaido, and Momo, theres a big chance it will have to do with the flower capital becoming aware of the events of onigashima.

What I'm trying to say is that theres a big chance the people of wano saw Zoro defeat king and that Zoro's defeat of king is in fact his ryuma/legend moment of this arc.

Overall, it seems like Oda has given Zoro more or less the climax of his arc. He fought on the rooftop, scarred kaido, awakened CoC, and now defeated king. Zoro doesn't need to turn enma black, because that is a WSSM tier feat and zoro isn't there yet. He also doesn't need to be the one to personally slay kaido as after the rooftop, he already acknowledged Luffy would beat kaido and he hasn't said a word about kaido since.

ZKK doesn't really make sense anymore, especially since Zoro already slayed his dragon. Why would Oda even draw that scene against king if he would do ZKK later this arc?


The Rogue Prince
The strawhats will change the world so King is unironically in nakama/fleet discussion territory, somewhere around Caribou and Bellamy tier.
Grandfleet is possible. Nakama no
It's simple, the Lunarian lore is too important to be ignored entirely.

Also if Luffy is going to create a new world where every species lives equally, there's gotta be a spot for Lunarians as well. I kinda see him working with the protagonists the same way as Scar the Ishvalan from FMAB did, if it makes sense.
I do wonder what the hell is Oda planning for King now that he got fucked up pretty badly. If the Marines/CP0 capture him he doesn't go to ID, but back in a lab. Seems like a pretty dark future for a guy that already had that experienced and got his entire race obliterated.

Maybe he sticks together with Queen who will give him cybernetic implants, like Frieza after Namek. But then what? Do they play cards until they kick the bucket in some random place?

Really curious about this.
He can still fly away
Just imagined, a Lunarian with the Phoenix Fruit would be quite the great combo. Truly becoming a Fire-Phoenix.

  • Powerful fire
  • Monstrous durability
  • Amplified speed
  • Incredible regeneration
  • Phoenix flames used for offense (e.g. Bluebird, Phoenix Brand)
Possible combination of Lunarian and Phoenix traits:
  • Due to the incredible durability, much less waste of phoenix flames for regeneration
  • What would infusing fire with offensive phoenix flames (e.g. Blue Bird) do?
And now if that Lunarian is a master swordsman with CoC to have that sword AP and lethality, truly the strongest creature.


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