What is King’s real name?

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Why? You think Katakuri can tank any of Zoro’s hits after getting taken down in 13 punches from Luffy?
Why would he tank attacks when he can dodge them easily?

Also the only attacks G4 Tier that Zoro used on Kong the whole fight has been this finisher 3 dragon fire . That's the only attack KOing Kata perhaps if it lands
The rest are g3 tier attacks.
Akainu is built different
Maybe I should give up convincing people why Akainu is strong and oda literally wank him like I can end one piece a year because I am strong.

When Akainu actions start again,people will be writing essays how oda recon Akainu power and call oda bad writer, Akainu is Gary sue as darkseid. All admirals fans say we tried to warn you before.
People ar going to be unprepared in admiral action by reality.


Kitetsu Wanker
it looks like zoro and king did have a CoC clash, but it wasn't coating (zoro's swords aren't leaking).
they were split apart by sheer pressure.
It's a clash of intent, opposing wills.
Same thing as Doffy wanting to kill Law while Luffy wanting the opposite resulted in clash of CoC but this is on a whole different level, a barrier summoned between them pushing them apart... :steef:
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