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Light D Lamperouge

𝕴 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑 𝕹𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖗 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖌𝖊𝖙 𝖄𝖔𝖚
I like how Zoro is used as a benchmark to scale other YC1 like Katakuri and King. Fucknig legend.
Zoro's the benchmark for everything. Every new character that gets introduced is wanked to be stronger than Zoro, everyone is riding their hype train until it's clearly shown they are weaker than Zoro, and everyone thinks they are trash after that and they are forgotten.

Warchief Sanji D Goat

The Honoured One!👖
Chapter 1,035: “Zoro Vs. King”

Looking forward to this fight the most.

Limited Cover Series, No. 25: “Running away from Whole Cake Island”. In the cover, we see Germa 66's fleet leaving Whole Cake Island territory.

So Germa confirmed to be alive then. Good to know. Now the question is, will they only be appear in the cover story from now on or are they gonna appear in the manga sometime in the future? Hopefully both since I liked them. But nice to see them again though.:stealthblack:
Chapter starts where the previous one ended, with Sanji kicking Queen. Sanji attack has been so powerful that Queen is blown away of Kaidou's castle and flies outside the limits of Onigashima. Queen has lost some teeth and is completely KO.

Damn, wtf, Sanji kicked Queen so hard that he went flying outside of Onigashima Lmao!!!! Not only Queen broke some teeth, he also bleeds and got beated by Sanji's final attack. Goated stuff.

Sanji approaches to Some, who is shaking in fear. Sanji extends his hands and give her Chuuji. Some thanks him for saving Chuuji as Sanji remembers the mouse he fed when he was a child.

While Sanji vs Queen might not be the best Sanji's fight choreography wise, it was the best fight for his character development.

When Sanji tries to worry about Some's condition, he falls unconscious to the ground. Some calls the other geisha to bring something to help Sanji.
Damn, so when Sanji wakes up, this is what he's gonna see:

Btw, the spoilers once again misleading about Sanji fainted to the ground. They say the same shit about Sanji fainted against King and Queen but he's fine. And the scene got off-screened so we never saw Sanji falling to the ground either. For all we know, Sanji could still be conscious and smile like Luffy against Lucci. So until proven wise, Sanji ain't knocked out from his fight. My eyes won't deceive me. I trust what my eyes see and not what the ears hear.
[Leftbrain Tower of the Skull Dome. “Pleasure Hall's battle”
Winner: Sanji.]

My rating of Sanji vs Queen would be 8/10. The start was great. Sanji's and Queen's exchange was dope. Sanji destroying the RS proves Sanji is the best written OP character. Sanji's power-ups was pretty nice. Queen using Germa techs was poetic. The only bad parts about it was Queen spamming laser beams for like 70% of the fight, and Sanji's attacks transition wasn't smooth at all. Other than that, cool fight. Is it better than Sanji vs Bon or Sanji vs Jabra though? Don't think so.

Cut to the battle between Zoro and King. Zoro is kneeling on the ground after attacking King, this time Zoro has managed to damage him since King bleeds. Zoro's attack also cut another part of King's mask, we can see now his nose and his mouth. Zoro has already figured out how King's flame works.

Zoro: "When the “flame on his back” disappears...
He moves much faster, but...!!
His defense power is weaker...!!!"

But that doesn't explain how King can explodes or how he keeps healing though?

Suddenly, King rips his mask off and we can see his whole face for the first time. He has brown skin, a tattoo around his left eye, and long white hair (with a braid on the right side). Kaidou's subordinates, who are still affected by Zoro's “Color of the Supreme King Haki”, stare at King in shock.

King's Merienda moment boys!!!!kingufy

But I gotta say, King is looking real good here. Reminds me of Wiper from Skypiea.

Kaidou's subordinates: "Ah... King's mask...!!
So... the rumors...
Are true...!!
Black wings, white hair... Brown skin.
If we notify it the Government, they will give us “100 million Berries”... Instantly. "

Brown skin, black wings, government, bounty........

In an impressive page (where we see King in full length) King draws his sword and covers it with flames. Then he uses a powerful attack.
So King has his own Hiryu Kaen too?

A dragon-shaped flame (the same type of dragon that Kaidou and Momonosuke) shoots out from King's sword and burns down Kaidou's subordinates. Zoro, who has climbed to the outside of the castle through the hole in the roof, talks to King.

King transforms into a Pteranodon and flies over to where Zoro is (while he shoots Zoro). Battle continues outside the castle, King continues shooting Zoro and also attacks him with his wings. After some attacks, the battle stops.
Bruh, Pteranodon King without mask looks mad weird Lmao.kingufy
“En-ou Santoryuu” (King of Hell's Three Swords Style - 閻王三刀流 (えんおう さんとうりゅう))."

Zoro's new sword style hype!!!

King: "Don't get ahead of yourself...
Kaidou-san is the one who will become the “Pirate King”!!"

A little flashback about teenager King begins, it takes place when he met Kaidou. Both were prisoners in Punk Hazard facility while Government experimented with them. Kaidou manages to escape and he finds King that was imprisoned in a machine.

Another one of my theories come true.
Young Kaido and King looking fresh though.

King: "Do you think you are capable to change the world?"

Kaidou: "Of course, I'm the only one that can do it!!!"

Kaidou frees King and the two escape while destroy Punk Hazard facility.

Kaidou: "What is your name?"

King: "Arbel*."

Bromance 101.:king::kaimoji:
Kaidou: "You are strong boy, you can call yourself “King”!!
Come with me!!
From now on, you will be my right hand!!
Kaido to King be like:

King: "So you understood the way my body works!!"

Zoro: "That's right...!! Did you finally realize!? I'm going to defeat you!!"
Tell him Zoro.:zosmug:
King: "...
I will remember you as swordman with considerable skill."

Zoro: "No. I will be the one to make YOU remember me if you manage to survive this!!"

Damn, Zoro. You don't have to destroyed King verbally like that.

King: "“Oomori Karyuudon” (Imperial Flame Guardian Dragon - 御守 火龍皇 (おおもり かりゅうどん))!!!"
King's new attack hype!!!!

Zoro: "“En-ou SANTORYUU*” (King of Hell, Three Dragons Swords - 閻王三刀龍 (えんおう さんとうりゅう))."
“Ippyaku Sanjou Hiryuu Jigoku” (130 Feelings, Flying Dragon Extreme Samurai - 一百三情飛龍侍極 (いっぴゃく さんじょう ひりゅうじごく))!!!"

I'm guessing that this is the upgraded version of ISDS?

In an AMAZING double page, Zoro uses a technique similar to his “Hiryuu Kaen” (but using his 3 swords at the same time) to attack King. This double page is almost the same as the one we can see when Ryuma kills the dragon in the story “Monsters” from “Wanted!” special Volume.

This is probably Zoro's best chapter yet.:steef:
Zoro cuts in half the giant flame dragon created by King (who is shocked to see it). Then Zoro attacks King squarely with a very powerful cut in his torso, creating some black lightings.

Zoro's attack is so powerful, that he cuts King's sword in two parts and slices King's right wing in half...

My rating of Zoro vs King so far, 10/10. I love everything about this fight. A bit disappointed that King didn't use CoC coating but oh well. The choreography was executed well (Oda can finally draws good sword fight again). The lore dump was great. Zoro's flashback was dope. Zoro using CoC coating on all three blades was hyped. Love it love it.
Thoughts on this NDule take? @ShishioIsBack

Bro Id pay money to hear ndule and shishio arguing in dsc VC about zoro/mihawk/kata scaling
N Doo Lay is too scared to debate me.
Me @Zenos7 and @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung used to clown him every day on discord that's why he ran away. Now he knows better than to engage any of us in the debate
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No bro I just practice for fun
Imagine King can last 1hr vs kata when he can't last 15 min in a serious 1v1 battle

When he can't fight while fatally wounded

:josad:luffy powers up with another g4 and fs = Kata matches that in base
Zoro power up with enOu = King gets washed

He starts even running away before that in fear
You understand no one not even Katakuris own mother thinks Katakuri can take even one just one attack from advanced Conqueror's Haki Zoro.
This man King is mad hot. Not only is he the strongest YC1, he's clearly the hottest too.
Could never be Dogtooth's ugly mug.

Like just forget everything else imagine a guy who looks like this, called right hand man of Kaido be compared to ugly virgin piece of shit who is called lowly son by his own captain.

How do you guys claim Katakuri > King with a straight face I genuinely can't understand @Echizen_Jo_Ndule @sanjikun
I find it disgusting that such a godly character shares the same rank as someone as pathetic and disgusting as Katakuri
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oh what style of fight type you do ? Like you do just punch and kicks or mostly do wrestling moves ? Or you are all round fighter type like king ? Like you do mma style.
I mostly do ground work Jiu Jutsu but I have also done Tae Kwondo as a Kid and I do Judo and boxing on the stand up.

One of my buddies who wrestled for like 10 years is teaching me wrestling
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