What is King’s real name?

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Looking forward to this fight the most.

So Germa confirmed to be alive then. Good to know. Now the question is, will they only be appear in the cover story from now on or are they gonna appear in the manga sometime in the future? Hopefully both since I liked them. But nice to see them again though.:stealthblack:

Damn, wtf, Sanji kicked Queen so hard that he went flying outside of Onigashima Lmao!!!! Not only Queen broke some teeth, he also bleeds and got beated by Sanji's final attack. Goated stuff.

While Sanji vs Queen might not be the best Sanji's fight choreography wise, it was the best fight for his character development.

Damn, so when Sanji wakes up, this is what he's gonna see:

Btw, the spoilers once again misleading about Sanji fainted to the ground. They say the same shit about Sanji fainted against King and Queen but he's fine. And the scene got off-screened so we never saw Sanji falling to the ground either. For all we know, Sanji could still be conscious and smile like Luffy against Lucci. So until proven wise, Sanji ain't knocked out from his fight. My eyes won't deceive me. I trust what my eyes see and not what the ears hear.

My rating of Sanji vs Queen would be 8/10. The start was great. Sanji's and Queen's exchange was dope. Sanji destroying the RS proves Sanji is the best written OP character. Sanji's power-ups was pretty nice. Queen using Germa techs was poetic. The only bad parts about it was Queen spamming laser beams for like 70% of the fight, and Sanji's attacks transition wasn't smooth at all. Other than that, cool fight. Is it better than Sanji vs Bon or Sanji vs Jabra though? Don't think so.

But that doesn't explain how King can explodes or how he keeps healing though?

King's Merienda moment boys!!!!kingufy

But I gotta say, King is looking real good here. Reminds me of Wiper from Skypiea.

Brown skin, black wings, government, bounty........

So King has his own Hiryu Kaen too?

Bruh, Pteranodon King without mask looks mad weird Lmao.kingufy

Zoro's new sword style hype!!!


Another one of my theories come true.
Young Kaido and King looking fresh though.

Bromance 101.:king::kaimoji:

Kaido to King be like:

Tell him Zoro.:zosmug:

Damn, Zoro. You don't have to destroyed King verbally like that.

King's new attack hype!!!!

I'm guessing that this is the upgraded version of ISDS?

This is probably Zoro's best chapter yet.:steef:

My rating of Zoro vs King so far, 10/10. I love everything about this fight. A bit disappointed that King didn't use CoC coating but oh well. The choreography was executed well (Oda can finally draws good sword fight again). The lore dump was great. Zoro's flashback was dope. Zoro using CoC coating on all three blades was hyped. Love it love it.
lmao this shits gold.
My ideal man should have beard and strong body. Not body builder type but world strongest man type.
Now that sounds weird bro but I get you. Coulda phrased it differently tho.

But sharp jaw line thick neck muscles are not feminine features. King looks like Gerald from the Witcher, that is one of the most masculine looking dudes out there.

(I look about the same tho)
Oh shit. You figured it out. The Pirate that Shanks wanted to talk about to the Gorosei was King.

Shanks: So... Let's talk Lunarians... You got that hundred mill?
Makino wants child support
Shanks dresses like a begger. His high and mighty attitude of not robbing other pirates has made him bankrupt as fuck.

Now he became snitch as his part time job to pay that child support money.
And what of Sanji feats. He mid diffed a yc2 while Zoro was struggling before he learned the weakness, high diff at least.

Only thing Zoro has over Sanji is CoC but CoC doesn't make a great fighter, King and Marco does not have it.
Only thing Zoro has over sanji is King who is basically stronger version of sanji.. if i would be sanji fan , i would discuss similarities between king and sanji rather than pushing agenda of making him blonde zoro.. Zoro low to mid diffs Sanji's stronger version with Acoc.. Lets say Zoro >>> king>> sanji.. Queen the clown is out of this league..
As cool as this looks (mainly because of the dragon) , its hard to tell wtf is happening here.......The panels leading up to it are hype but the spread is confusing. King and Zoro are Drawn in the distance......

Light D Lamperouge

𝕴 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑 𝕹𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖗 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖌𝖊𝖙 𝖄𝖔𝖚
As cool as this looks (mainly because of the dragon) , its hard to tell wtf is happening here.......The panels leading up to it are hype but the spread is confusing. King and Zoro are Drawn in the distance......
To me it looks like Zoro really blasted this man with a haki kamehameha lmao. Don't see how Zoro would propel himself that way in mid air to cut the dragon and then King too. The positions and angles are just kinda weird.
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