What is King’s real name?

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Chinjao said the same as Kaido "Too many Conquerors". Yet, every single CoC user in Wano is either a current or future Top Tier. So yes I'll wank it.

Kaido, Big Mom, Luffy, Zoro, Yamato, Kid potentially even Law, Sanji in the future. -> So yes, there are THAT MANY people stronger than King.
No they are all advanced conquerors
There are too many conquerors, both Chinjao and Kaido said it and conquerors Haki doesn't impress Kaido one bit.

Advanced conquerors Haki, handful of very strongest obviously handful of conquerors do that. That's Top Tier.

King Molly wopps Law
Mid diffs Sanji
Beats Yamato

But problem is normal CoC virtually has no hype at all, it has no role in combat either.

Then why are you wanking normal CoC.
Absolute total fodder like Doffy who is a neg diff fight for King had CoC, Fucking trash Chinjao has CoC, Boa Hancuck has CoC so it can't be that impressive.

when a trash can like Chinjao says there are many CoC users in new world how can you wank it?
Because in the scene with Katakuri she acted like "I am the Captain and I don't need to help from some lowly subordinate."

With Perospero it was like "It's cool. Even though you're a lowly subordinate. You can help me."

She acted all big and bad in one instance, and acted like help was beneath her, but in the other instance she welcomed it with open arms.
Would you stop this Katakuri wank?

Big Mom got offended because Katakuri tried to protect Big Mom from a rookie who is on Doflamingo's level. Its a joke to think Big Mom was insecured about fighting WCI Luffy.
Marco is a big shot and Big Mom didnt want to "spare" his soul powers for him. She had somewhere else to be.
When you make comments like that, that's when I know not to take your comment seriously and I already stated before that users like Ndule and others who overhype Katakuri are also to blame.
So you think Katakuri can be a yonko? I shouldn't have wasted my text on you
King is currently taking a nap and the BM Pirates are probably gonna come rescue Big Mom after she’s defeated by Law/Kidd. And one thing we know for sure about pirates is that they’re major opportunists :zorothink:
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That babyface King will never come off as menacing and threatening as Katakuri....

Katakuri is going to be fucking insane the next time we see him
Yeah he should stop. You're the clown that puts Jack above him who lost to a 1-legged dog without even showing 1 named attack.
I will give Doffy his just due, I don't like to look at stupid factors like non existent normal CoC being a factor in a fight.
Doffy is simply more impressive than Queen and almost as impressive as Katakuri.

King is a lot more impressive than both. Try to read the story with a bit of an open mind, drop the pre conceived notion, and develop with the development in manga.

I guarantee you normal conqueror's Haki ain't end all be all but having normal conqueror's Haki does give you potential to unlock advanced Conqueror's Haki and get on your journey to top tier or God Tier (which spot would be limited for Luffy and Zoro) but Katakuri and doffy did not unlock that potential.

So them having conqueror's haki is no different than those who don't have it until they can unlock their true CoC potential (if they are capable of it)
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That babyface King will never come off as menacing and threatening as Katakuri....

He looks like a fucking dog lmao
An ugly ass dog
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