Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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--OK certain plus and minus with law and kidd's awakening

--Law's awakening is highly effective but feels meh to me ; it is a powerful version of injection shot it seems

--Expect more creativity and range from law's awakening

--Its opposite in case of kidd , awakening increases range of his ability and he can also create somewhat sentiment Creature/thing he can control ; I like it

--But how effective it is as at the end it is basically metal attack landing on opponents plus logia/Kata have advantage against plain metal
Man, Oda needs to step his game up with Kidd. Every time he hits Linlin he never shows her immediately hurt. She's always knocked away or hidden under debris and we see the aftermath.
Because has to draw metals which takes time
So he will only show damage afterwards

Didn't Oda complain about drawing Kidd taking his time

I still wonder how Kidd who was supposed to be a brawler ended up being someone who wrestles and create gears/weapons/forms more than brawling (punching)
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