Who is the skeleton / Whats the purpose?

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Don’t tell me I am the only one that has law above kidd
My list
1 Mihawk
2 Shanks
3 Dragon
4 Blackbeard
5 Akainu
6 Kaido
7 Kizaru
8 Aokiji
9 Big Mom
10 Luffy
11 Rayleigh
12 Fujitora
13 Green Bull
14 Zoro
15 Garp
16 Sengoku
17 Benn Beckman
18 Shiryu
19 King the Wildfire
20 Yamato
21 Law
22 Marco
23 Kidd
24 Weevil
25 Boa Hancock
26 Katakuri
27 Lucky Roo
28 Doflamingo
29 Yasopp
30 Sanji
You're among the few who think so

Law isn't > Kidd

Oda keeps having Kidd as main guy
His attack always the one highlighted more
He's the one whom BM keeps wanting more and more

Oh yeah she has been overpowering BM head on without needing sneak attacks like Law did
We have been saying kidd has coc, is luffys rival and stuff like that but the **** hasn’t proved his worth he is always attacking after law


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