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Holy shit the CPO just got bodied, it was nice knowing you. The CP0 boss went out like a boss respect to him

Law and his stamina just won't go down will it lmao.

I love the character moment with Yamato and Momonouske. Momonouske really needed that

Man the panel of Luffy laying on the ground makes you feel like he is dead. The balls on Nami speaking up against Kaido i love the her loyalty to Luffy,

The Moment Zunisha says JoyBoy is here I got absolute chills man. That last ending panel is too damn nuts.

(Congrats to Yuderon on YouTube for guessing this would happen on ch 1043)


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Exciting development for Luffy! While it’s not unpredictable in the slightest, it’s still super hype and the next batch of chapters will be even better I’m sure.

I’m wondering if he’s actually somehow dead like they all said, and what implications that would have on Zoro’s situation since he’s in a similar state. Looks like Hawkins’ prediction about the two of them was right

Nothing but chills this entire chapter. Big Mom having to stare at the humiliation of her ruined WCI castle every day explains why she lost it and invaded Wano. There's probably an Oda joke here about the chapter starting with cake frosting and ending with Luffy's gooey hair.

No name, no DF, but he does have all my respect. For CP0 chief to pull off mission impossible and then accept his death without regret or retort. It speaks of Oda's ability that he could elevate this shadow in the background into one of Wano's top characters in the span of 2 chapters. Curious as to how the WG controls these agents that death by Yonko is their preferred alternative. If confirmed, this death looks awfully convenient to push Lucci to the forefront of CP0.
A record 4 Ws vs Luffy, 2 kills, and an official Odabox victory this chapter.:finally: Kaido does not disappoint. It must be such a sobering experience to go downstairs and have to clear the raid yourself because you've gathered an incapable crew. The despair that sets in as everyone is forced to deal with Luffy's failure is always to fun watch. Nami outright can't believe it to echo what she told Ulti. Law and Kid who overcame Big Mom just act like this was always a possibility. Momo still weak and lacking resolve, goaded by Yamato into a suicide pact. There is too much potential for shenanigans with the Mink medicine, the bombs thats defeated BM, Yamato who Kaido won't kill, etc. Joyboy better move fast.

The death of Monkey D. Luffy. Complete silence from his body, Kaido officially declared the winner, CP0 chief giving up on life believing he did his job. When before he glared at Kaido unconsciously or communicated with Momo that he wasn't done fighting, this time his voice disappeared. Luffy achieves death or at least an Enel-like state of near death (not improbable that Awakened Luffy pumped his own heart). The Fire Festival reminds us that the world of the living and dead are closest together on this special night. Orochi and his ghosts, the Oden energy channeled by various characters, Kaido the one who can't die and can't become Joyboy. Symbolically, the fire lanterns bearing the hopes and wishes of the people of Wano make their way to the other world and serve as a guiding lights for lost souls to return to their bodies and continue the fight for Wano. If there was any night for Luffy and Zoro to die for Wano's sins and pull a pirate Jesus, it was this one.

Real Vs Fake Joyboy. Kaido emphasizing he'll impose a far harsher slavery than Orochi is the grim reality for the losers made bare. Practically begging for Nika the liberator to emerge. Zunisha hearing drums as Luffy's heart restarts is peculiar. A clear reference to the African Joyboy folklore of the drummer who cures all problems by making people dance to his irresistible beats. The story implications are too early to judge but I'm not bothered regardless. Joyboy was a FAILURE who couldn't free the slaves, was defeated by the World Government, introduced apologizing for breaking his promises. If Luffy is destined to be Joyboy, he is destined to lose. To break the chains of fate that doomed Joyboy, 800 years of Ds who could only pass down their will, all the previous Gomu users unable to awaken - Luffy will surpass and enter the mythos as a greater legend than all of them.

Luffy's big drip energy. At first glance his new power looks like the milky latex tapped from rubber trees before it's processed into rubber products. Luffy did fight a mirror battle against Katakuri in the Mirroworld, but a gooey special Paramecia wouldn't answer why the fruit's name had to be changed. The body is steaming as if Gear 2/4 was active, lending to the idea that Luffy is a hot or volatile substance. Not natural, but a synthethic rubber made of petroleum byproducts. Luffy and Oden defeated in the same manner, Oden boiled in burning oil but Luffy saved by it instead? The guy who said "Gomu Gomu no.." before every attack name for 1000+ chapters becoming a different substance is honestly too surreal to process. My anticipation is at an all-time high.
Copy and paste from the spoilers thread.
So it seems like Luffy's body is melting because of the awakening effect.

Vulcanization: chemical process by which the physical properties of natural or synthetic rubber are improved; finished rubber has higher tensile strength and resistance to swelling and abrasion, and is elastic over a greater range of temperatures.

A W for my vulcanization theory.
Feels good man.



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You can like it or not but damn this chapter is damn fuckn hype.

There is actually nothing to hate. It was established from the beginning that Luffy is special - Will of D and people were mirroring roger and Luffy.

Fishman island literally set in stone that Luffy is Joy Boy.

The only thing came out of surprise is that Joyboy is linked to Gomu Gomu No Mi Awakening.

And, I think it's more to do with Devil fruit itself and how they work or awaken then Luffy being reincarnated as JoyBoy.

After all, Devil fruit does carry the spirit

Having that said, this chapter and upcoming few chapters would be
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