Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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What is the point of showing a Toko and Yasuie flashback now of all times. On another topic just imagine how this forum would have reacted to early One Piece. I was reading Alabasta arc (the OP re-edition on mangaplus) and last chapter Crocodile seemingly killed Luffy and left him for dead. Next chapter we get Robin first saving Luffy and then Pell comes out of nowhere to complete the helping job. In the same chapter we get the biggest asspulls: A Crab who can't handle water walks/runs on the river, dugongs come out of nowhere in the river to help the SHPs cross the river. At the end of the river the Karoo squad is waiting to transport the SHPs.

I can't imagine the flak Oda would be getting if something like this, the sheer number of plot devices/asspulls that he incorporated in a single fucking chapter.

Reading OP weekly and then being a part of the spoiler waiting and reading community is one of the most unique experiences out there. How quickly people are to give judgements based on the little info that may turn out to be completely different in the grander scheme is so damn funny.
Yonko arc not over yet for sure the attacks shown are not convincing enough to kill these 2 yonkos, Big Mom and Kaido might just end up in Impel Down level 6 next to Doffy :gokulaugh:
Most people believe this won't have a resolution.

I've heard people saying that Zoro making a new scar was the payoff to this moment, but it isn't. Someone has to reopen the reopen the old scar, and Kaido has to acknowledge that a samurai stronger than Oden has appeared.
Zoro already created his own scar which is even more impressive given the condition he was in when he did it.
Next time his head will be rolling:cheers:
look dude just go all out. if you're already shooting off headcanon say its another 2 year timeskip. why not. wano is new home for luffy and crew. theyre not pirates anymore. redon confirmed.
dude...do you remember that Luffy and co stayed in dressrosa for three days before going out...are you saying that in minutes they bandaged the Luffy, went to flower capital and announcing shogun?...anyways tomorrow images will clarify.....I am just guessing things...what's with this outburst...
I'm not making it up. Kaido's scar hasn't been reopened, it's not a technicality, it literally hasn't happened.
The whole point is that they werent able to cut deep enough to even open an old wound and that was proof(for Kaido) that there wouldnt be a samurai as great as Oden again, but Zoro managed to give him a new scar wich is an evem greater feat. The point was made and refuted, its done
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