Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Obviously BM would EVENTUALLY die if she stayed in magma long enough, but it’s a question of how long it takes. Akainu isn’t gonna be able to submerge BM in magma for over 15 mins when she’s still conscious and can move out of it
You also know that Kaido showed us that elemental attacks can be infused with haki right?

And it's also not like base level magma is as hot as Sakazuki's stuff. There's a reason why Meigou is his ultimate attack (so far) despite being smaller than most of his other attacks.
Beyond the fact that the double spreads are 100% worthy of an end to the arc

This dialogue is literally all the proof you need that Kaido isn't coming back

Page 16
Momo: I’m not Kaido!! That eruption just now was the curtain closing on the supreme commander of the Beasts Pirates Kaido!!
Momo is the saviour or Wano, this is his arc, he's not gonna lie to his people only so that Kaido comes back and fucks them up 5 minutes later
Fun fact
Linlin been inside lava for the past 45-60 min
She was sent down before luffy used g4 vs Kaido! And g4 vs kaido lasted 20-30 min then we had break then g5 vs Kaido lasted about 10-15 min

:josad:imagine she's not dead
Didn't even melt after spending 30+ min in lava after being hit by Nukes + Kid & law attacks
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