Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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He only did that once as far as I can remember and we can't see if he had Room up in that panel. However, he never had difficulties reaching up to Big Mom and landing hits when he's using Room. He tags her twice and used teleportation in both instances. Meanwhile, he exclusively asks for Kid's help to use Kroom. Cutting Misery doesn't prove he had room activated either; Law's a skilled swordsman and a Haki user so it's not improbable that he's able to cut Misery without Room. We literally have 0 indications suggesting Law could use more than one Room at once.
Misery is made of fire, as far as I know Law can’t cut fire
no awakening
no basic coc
no advanced haki

Oh wait "King racial abilities make up for this" Then Law being the user of the awakened version of one of the most powerful devil fruit in the universe should make up for his lack of advanced haki, right? :quest:
His own captain said that haki is important, yet he has zero focus on haki, maybe I gotta go full ndule on these Zoloboys and put actually Kata over King :ohreally:
Never said that at all. Ofcourse, Law's and Kidd's attacks are tiers stronger than Yamato's. However when solely talking about CQC skills/reactions, it is undeniable that Yamato is better than them in that regard.

I never implied or argued the first point. Ofcourse they are all on the same generic level, with Zoro as well. Matchups matter though - you cannot ignore that when having superior CQC skills is literally the best way to counter Law's hax if you don't have skysplitter level COC.

Brudda she matched the attack in speed while Law was blitzed BY THE SAME ATTACK before he could even lift his sword. Thunder Bagua being barely above her reaction capabilities does not mean her reactions and Law's are on the same level.

Law's awakening gives him top tier Attacks even better than 90% of Kaidou's offensive arsenal, does not mean his other stats are comparable. Meanwhile, Yamato's attacks are no where near Law's but her CQC skills are so much better.

Because panels exist where Law was treated like a little child, Doffy literally caught Law's hand and held him up like a doll lol. Find panels like those for Yamato vs Kaidou.
She didn’t match speed, she was the first one to lunge at Kaido

Bro she got planted like a tree

Shit at this rate he'll be lucky to be top 15 all time
Maybe you skip all chapter..........
And directly move to this chapter where a "finally defeated" Waido after whooping so many asses and pushes unbeatable peak plot armor protagonist to upper extreme diff now laid peacefully on a Magma pool.

We are lucky that Oda doesn't keep dragging the longest arc in history of manga because the main villain is too stronkk......
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