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Oda's accuser
RIP Ashura and Izou. :mrgo: I feel bad for Marco--I hope he can find some happiness, but I don't feel very optimistic about his chances.

Interesting that Hawkins' pride and over-reliance on the cards led to his death. It provides a good contrast to Apoo, whose adaptability allows him to live to scheme another day.

Wano has been so exhausting that I can't build up any enthusiasm for Green Bull. A similar thing happened to me at the end of Dressrosa, and it resulted in me giving up OP for a few years. I think the month-long break will be good for everyone. The 25th anniversary will be coming up, so hopefully everyone will be able to come back refreshed to enjoy it.
Marco might have lost Jozu too :josad: Poor lad :phoenixmarco:


"It is warm within the mansions of Hel"
Ami the only one who wants to know where the beast pirates are?
I mean .. are they all probably dead?
The marines weren't there yet to capture them.
The Yonkou saga ends. Cringe. I'll admit I had exceptionally high hopes for Wano. Kaido and the Beast Pirates fired my imagination. But as the arc wore on, the story no longer interested me. Honestly I got bored. The more Oda attempted to subvert expectations and be unpredicatble with his thousand or so Chekhov's Guns scattered about, the less coherent it all got. Yeah whatever, Oda and One Piece will still be justifiably lauded as a seminal work in comics and Manga culture, but Wano as an arc was a mid at best.

Wish I was a fly in the room once Wano ends and the post-mortem begins. It will be brutal. maybe Oda will allude to it as he sorta did after Dressrosa. the only thing for me to look forward to now Dragon and the Revs (obviously no-one is stealing Luffy and Shank's thunder) and what the One Piece is.
I didn't bring this up before because I thought it was discussed but did we really sit down and talk about how suspicious it was that BOTH of the people that were ruling in Wano, Kaido & Orochi, were convinced to take power in Wano by the same woman? The same woman who seems to be working for someone?

Doesn't that imply that the only reason Kaido & Orochi came to power was because of someone else's plan?

Is no one else alarmed by this?

Because it kinda implies that Kaido wasn't the real mastermind here. Someone else put the idea in his head. He might have never been the real final boss.