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There's something about oda's manuscripts being present in the wsj magazine, will those be available on the shonen jump app?
Shueisha announced that Weekly Shonen Jump issues #30, #31, #32 and #33 (the 4 issues where One Piece will be on break) will all come with small booklets tittled "Road to Laugh Tale", which contain unpublished sketches and unused storyboards from One Piece.


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Chapter 1052: “New Morning”
Cover: “the scientist that failed to escape”

Page 2
【Holy Land, Marijoa】
Gorosei: So..Nika has finally made another appearance in this world..!!
To think two of the Emperors would fall at the same time…
That is not something we can cover up! The news of this incident will circle the world in no time!!
At the worst timing!! What should we do?!
【sea near Wano】
Gorosei: is it true that Zou has disappeared?
CP0 agent: Yes..it faded into the fog!! what was that?!

Gorosei: so the border remains closed!! The land of Wano is still an iron fortress then!!

Page 3
Gorosei: they must have changed their plan based on the current situation!
Looks like there’s a sharp one among them.
At the moment an attempt to take over with army will be impossible
I expect that you’ll at least be bringing back Nico Robin…

CP0 Agent: of course sir!!
Den Den Mushi: CP0! CP0!
CP0 agent: an interference!
Den Den Mushi: Hey! You guys!
CP0 Agent: who are you..name yourself!
Den Den Mushi: Stay where you are! I’ll be..on my way!

Page 4
【The Land of Wano is filled with excitement, after being freed from 20 years of Tyranny
Inside the Onigashima castle…】
Hawkins: huff huff…
Drake..are you…from the Navy?
Drake: as if I’m just going to answer that!! You came all this way just for that..?
You look terrible…huff huff…I thought..your cards told you it’s going to be fine..
As long as you..don’t betray Kaido..

Page 5
Hawkins: when I was facing that monster.. I saw death and gave up…and ends up becoming his subordinate
But you also have Kid and his crew…they knew they could die during the process…yet they fought on!!
…Even if this time I saw that victory is on their side…you think there’s any chance for me to be wagging my tail at Kid after all that?!

(Drake: If you’re going to switch side now is the time
What are you doing
Hawkins: the chances of a certain man surviving until tomorrow
Drake: 1% huh, sucks to be him)

Drake: …that certain man….
Hawkins: was me…!!

Page 6
【7 days after the end of the fight, Flower Capital】
Citizens: don’t take off the festival decorations yet! According to lord Momonosuke..no according to the Shogun there’ll be another festival soon!!
Children: Ms.Sarahebi is gone?! Why?!
Teacher: sorry but you all will have to learn the history of our heroes from scratch!!
Children: whaaaaa!!!
Teacher: we’ll start with the great fellow himself!! First lesson is on Kozuki Oden!

Citizens: what a surprise that was..!! Lady Komurasaki, the number one beauty of our country, is actually lord Oden’s daughter!!
Sir Kawamatsu the Kappa was the one that saved her from that burning castle!!

Page 7
Citizens: what a splendid tale of loyalty!!
And the samurai that continues it under the cover of a yakuza known as “Kyoshiro” is none other than!!
One of the Akazaya Nine! Sir Denjiro!!

【Paradise Farm】
Citizens: have you guys heard about the guy that brought down Kaido?
Yep the warrior with the name “Joy Boy”!!!
Though I heard that he’s no longer in this country..!!
Man I wish I could meet him..A hero that rivals the Sword God!

【Ringo, Eternal Grave】
Kawamatsu: build a shrine?
Kin’emon: indeed
On this hill they’ll be able to see all of the Capital like the Sword God Ryuma, and this is where….

Page 8
Kin’emon: …we will enshrine lord Oden..!!
And surrounding him, we shall do the same for the Daimyos that have fought for this nation, such as lord Yasuie…
And..we’ll also…
Honor Ashura and Izo here…!!

Kawamatsu: Kapapa Onimaru don’t you think we’ll also ended up in there one day?
Oh you! To think you’ve also survived!

Kin’emon: is that fine with you?! Sir Marco
Marco: of course, nothing beats resting in one’s homeland

Page 9
Marco: I have..survived yet again…
Kawamatsu: same goes for us…
Kin’emon: we have survived this…
I can anything happens to the “heroes”
Let us pray for them

Yamato: I’m hungr..not hungry not hungry not hungry

Hiyori: Brother! Hear this!
Yamato: hm?
Hiyori!: Yamato-kun!!
Luffytaro-san and Zorojuro-san have..!!!
woke up!!!!!
Momo: behuh!!
I see that you’re still a tomboy!!
It doesn’t hurt me anymore but still!!

Page 10-11

Momo: Luffy! Zoro! You’ve wake up!!
servant: Bring more meats immediately!
Neko: this is great!
Luffy: another filling!!
Zoro: Another filling!!
Yamato: Luffy! Are you up?!!
Momo: Luffy! Zoro! Don’t eat too much right now!
I have decided to throw a nation wide feast once you two wake up!
That’ll be today!

Momo: Eh, I’m Momonosuke!

Luffy: what?!
Oh right you’re an adult now!
?: with a tough looking body too!!
Zoro: Is it inherited from Oden? Let me try beating it
Momo: stop!!

Page 12
Momo: stop it!! I’m being bullied by those two!!
Help me ONami♡
Nami: Kyaa!
Get away from me!!
Momo:I…I’m still eight!!
It doesn’t hurt but still…
Nami: ah…that’s right
Luffy and Zoro: Like I thought, he’s tough
Sanji: Ahaha! Welcome to the world of adult Momo!
Brook: your privilege is now gone!!
Yamato: the mind of a kid
And the body of Oden ♡
Momo: don’t put a plate on my head every single time we meet!
Yamato: you have a strong body! And you have your parents to thank!
I’m sure you’ll become the best Samurai of this country!!
Momo: I’ll work hard for that!

Page 13
Nami: Yamato! Let’s take a bath before the festival! Your “praying” is over now right?
Luffy: praying?
Junbe: Here at Wano they seem to have a tradition of holding in something while they pray in exchange for the deities to grant their wish
Yamato: I haven’t ate or showered for the past days!
Luffy: what?! I see thanks a bunch Yama-guy!! That must be why we are fine now!
Jinbe: what a nice person!!

Zoro: on the other hand we aren’t that dirty
Hiyori: that’s because I have been cleaning you♡ Are you happy about that? Heheh♡
Sanji: Mosshead I have got a word for you!!
(Sanji: After the fight, if I’m not in the right mind…I want you to kill me)
Zoro: oh you…I remember now…
I came back from hell just so I could kill you
Sanji: wait not that! I’ve got it settled!!

Yamato: Nami!! There’s no mix bath in this castle! So I’ll…
Kiku: is it okay…if I share it with you girls?

Page 14-15
【Onsen inside the castle】
All: time for a bath!!!
【men’s bath】
Yamato: the temperature is just right!!
Luffy: and we have a party waiting after this! Just great!!
Brook and Sanji: huh?! Is this a dream?!
Momo: Ya..Yamato how can you…!!!
【women’s bath】
Nami: the men are being noisy over there
Tama: I want to become bewitching like this too!!

Kiku: back then I’ll go in a bath with lord Oden..and with everyone else..
But it’s embarrassing to do so with other men…

Toko: feels good…ahaha
Hiyori: Okiku-chan is exactly like back then ♡
Now I’m the older one now

Citizens: looks like the party is today!! Let’s celebrate!!
The return of the Kozuki clan!!
Contact all the regions!

【Udon, Tokage port】
Franky: phew..looks like we got it back to normal
Usopp: yep no problem with sailing!
Franky: and Franky shogun is also all fixed up!!
Bepo: that thing is so cool!
Franky: heheh

Page 16
Kid: don’t get along too well you guys!!
don’t let your guards down before we set sail!!
Killer: no matter where the intel will be coming from, the news writers will be sure to get it in their hands
We are now replacing the Emperors as big targets!!
Law: exactly
Closed borders may prevent them from getting our information, but there’s also no way for us to learn what’s going on outside
Bepo: Maybe the bounties of Captain and the others…have risen to never before seen number…

Apoo: Apapapa!!
kid pirates: Apoo!! And a Number?!!
Apoo: you guys are right! I don’t know where they got the intel from buuuuut
Kid: you told them didn’t you annoying bastard!!
Apoo: the bounties you lots care about are on it ♫
Apapapa!! Wanna see?

Page 17
Apoo: it’s all written on here!!
You guys’ bounties and…
The ones who will be called the new “Emperors of the Sea”!!!

Akainu: I’m asking where the hell you are right now!!
Ryokugyu: like I said, Sakazuki-san, I’m in the sky
Akainu: and I’m asking where!!
Ryokugyu: ahhh I can see it now, the land of Wano
Akainu: don’t do anything unnecessary!
You hear me?! Ryokugyu!!!

Ryokugyu: yeah I know! Trust me
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