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One Piece CHapter 1052 Title: "New Morning"
-Transition Chapter
(There's a Week Timeskip)
-As far as i can say, this is the cringiest chapter in a while because of tons of reasons.
-The end has a cool twist
-Next Week will be really hype.
More info soon...
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Spoilers by ( @Un-amed ):

Transition Chapter
Carrot appears, she looks happy crying
A lot of fanservice scenes with Yamato
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Spoilers by Lebrent:
Cliffhanger, An admiral (Ryukugyu) is on his way to Wano.

It appears, the Dawn has been off-screened (Timeskip).
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She's with Nami, Tama & Robin as well
Yamato is with the guys(Luffy, Brook, Neko…)
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Chapter 1052: "New Morning"
Cover: The Germas encounter Caesar
- Zunesha left because the borders are closed
- Hawkins reveals in a talk to Drake that he meant himself when he said one person only has 1% chance of survival. Hawkins predicted Kaido's defeat with his cards but didn't commit another betrayal because of his pride.
7 days passed
- We see the progress made in the land of Wano.
- Apoo & Inbi seem to have made up with the alliance
- Ashura died & Izo died in his exchange with Maha
- A few comedy & fanservice scenes including yamato and the straw hats
- Greenbull is on his way to Wano.
We don't see Ryogokyu(Greenbull) face, he has a flower on his back that he uses to push himself and fly.
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More spoilers:
- Morgans already published the news in the newspapers, that's why they commented on bountys being shown in the next chapter.
- We see the crew recovered (includes Zoro).
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I don't know if i should post this here or in another thread but i've just translated Oda's full message, move it to another thread if there is one(i didn't see it)


A few months ago, my capable personnel told me "Oda-san, this year's summer will be very tough. There is the 25th year anniversary plus the celebration of XXXXX at the movie's exhibition. The manga also has ended wano kuni and it's finally time of.... right? There is also the supervision of Netflix's dorama(live action) and you want to go to Africa too. Also the collab of XXXX, the CM of XXXX and the event of XXXXX is happening in summer. Why don't you take one month of a break?"
Me: "What!? A break!? Do you know how many readers are excited wai- I'M TAKING A BREEAAAK!!!!!"
I want to go to Africaaaaa! I also want to recompose the structure of the final saga to close it as fast as possible~ After-saying-that, I'm sorry but give me a little time to prepare and take a breath!!

Once the break starts it will also be the start of a turbulent OP festival! The break will not start immediately, counting from today i'll publish 2 more chapter. Then it will last from the jump nº30 to nº33, 4 weeks! Give me time to breath!(I can't go to Africa due to Corona*crying noises*)
It will resume at jump nº34[25th of July]!! And the movie [RED] will be published on August 6th, please have high expectations!! Something really fun happened about this, all the staff related to the movie LOVE Uta-chan♡(lol)
Can something like this really happen? (lol) even tho the movie hasn't been completed yet. I have no doubts that everyone will think the same!! Please enjoy! So, about the prologue of the festival...! It begins tomorrow, there will be a broadcast on June 8th at 19:00 from the official youtube channel with surprising things!! Really, the content is really brutal!! (lol)

About the content of the content of tomorrow's streaming he posted it bellow the message:
Gordon's seiyuu(a famous one)
Uta's seiyuu
A preview of the movie
Theme song info reveal(from the movie)
Uta project
Poster drawn by Odacchi
Info corner
Manga info
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BangMi aka FraudMi



@ivaannom help with the translation please. arigatou!!


Law pirates and Kid pirates are in the harbour with Franky, Usopp and the guy that Franky was his pupil at the beginning of the arc
They are relaxing after reparing ships and the Franky Shogun.
Bepo and Killer are saying the Franky shogun is cool
They are also saying that the bounties of the captains will probably be amazing
Apoo arrives with Inbi from the numbers(he was on his hand)
He brings the newspaper with the new bounties and gives it to them
Everything is written, the new bounties and the people who are called the new emperors of the sea

Rokugyu appears the last 2 panels, he is talking with Sakazuki and has a flower at his back and is flying



The first question is, what is Sakazuki and Rokugyuu talking about

Sakazuki: Where are you?
Rokugyuu: In front of Wano
Sakazuki: Don't make anything unnecessary Rokugyuu

Just that, that's why there is no doubt its Rokugyuu

The second question is about Yamato in the bath

Nami was iviting her and Kiku too to the woman bath but Yamato went to the man bath and is fooling around
Yamato is not even hiding her breasts(tho you can't see it with the vapour)

And the third question is if Yamato seems to become a strawhat but the answer is that there is nothing yet
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No need to translate this as it's most likely a translation error from the japanese side.

When etenboby posted this > - Apoo & Inbi seem to have made up with the alliance
The jp community translated it as if Apoo and Inbi made an alliance instead of saying that they seem to be in good terms with "our" alliance that it's what i think Etenboby said and based on the spoiler 5ch leaker said of Apoo and Inbi going to the harbour with the rest of the alliance it seems that that's what happened.
And the second one is jmena's carrot crying happy, which the jp community didn't say at the bath and in the background.

Anyways the 5ch leaker is just saying that he didn't see those 2 scenes(apoo and inbi making an alliance and Carrot crying happily)


BangMi aka FraudMi

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The one crying is Yamato, she is bearing her hunger at the top of the castle until Luffy wakes up
She is covering her face with her arms saying that she is hungry and that she isn't hungry and just after that there is news of Luffy waking up

Momo ate a drop kick from Hiyori lmao
But he is more strong now probably because of his devil fruit
He grabbed Nami's breats but he was sent flying and says it doesn't hurt
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Zoro is awake too
Luffy and Zoro are eating
Momo comes asking if they have woken up and to make a feast today
The 2 look at momo but ignores him and keeps eating
Then later Nami's breast part
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Someone is saying to enshrine Oden, Izou and Ashura at certain shrine(the leaker says to "that shrine") and they put Ashura and Izou's weapons there.
Onimaru also appears and he says or someone tells to him "So you were alive"
And someone has asked permission to Marco to enshrine Izou there
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One Piece will have Jump cover and lead color pages (Color Spread in chapter 1,053) next week in Weekly Shonen Jump #29/2022.

Jump cover will be related with One Piece Film Red, so probably Color Spread will be Eiichiro Oda poster for the film. And that poster will be presented in a few hours in a special streaming.
This one?
*edit with better quality*

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- Heart Pirates and Kid Pirates are in the harbor with Franky, Usopp and Minamoto (Franky's Master Carpentry from Act 1).
- They are relaxing after repairing ships and the Franky Shogun.
- Bepo and Killer are saying that Franky shogun is cool
- They are also saying that the captains rewards are likely to be amazing
- Apoo arrives with Inbi of the numbers (he was in the hand)
- Apoo brings the journal with the new rewards and gives it to them
- It's all written down, like new rewards and like people who are called new emperors of the sea

- Green Bull appears in the last 2 panels, he is talking to Sakazuki and has a flower on his back and paneling
"Akainu: Where are you?"
"Green Bull: In Front of Wano"
"Akainu: Don't overdo it, greenbull"

- Nami invites yamato and kiku to the women's bath but yamato entered the men's room and is joking
- There is still no confirmation of yamato joining the Straw Hats.
- Yamato is enduring his hunger while sitting on top of the castle waiting for Luffy to wake up.
- Yamato is sitting with his face covered by his arms and saying "I'm hungry, I'm not hungry..."
- Soon after comes the news that Luffy woke up
- Zoro wakes up too
- Luffy and Zoro are eating when momo turns to them and says they should have a feast, but Luffy and Zoro just ignore him and continue eating
- Hiyori drops a kick on momo, but momo says the kick doesn't hurt.
- Momo tries to touch Nami's chest but she sends it hurts like her blow says no.
- someone says that oden, izo and asura must be consecrated. They will place the asura and izo weapons there as well.
- They ask Marco's permission to consecrate.
- Onimaru appears in the chapter.
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