What the best thing in the chap ?

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After thinking about it, it makes sense if Admirals are a full step above YC1 (somewhere in the gap between YC1 and Yonkou).

In the end, Yonko are the last obstacle before becoming Pirate King. The World Government is the last obstacle AFTER becoming Pirate King. And the navy is their military.

Damn I'm so pumped for the final war.
Lol no an admiral mid diffs any emperor
Low diffs big mom
Aight motherfuckers I'm outta here, see you tomorrow with the official release
Remember that Kidd got 3,000,000,000 and that Killer-san probably bodies your fav
Have a good night, peace out
Marco didn’t match them lol. He attacked 3 admirals, 1 with help and did zero damage. Marco’s good feats were being able to block two attacks from admirals but was of no consequence in a fight
And what damage Ladmirals did to Marco?

For you to say Marco did no damage, then you need to show what damage Ladmirals did to Marco.

For example, Garp did a little damage to Marco, a little, but at least he did something. But Garp also said he can kill Lakainu so, he is above Ladmirals. Only he and Fleet Admiral Sengoku together couldn't do shit to BB, lol.
I don’t Fujtoria will have it . Like law swordsman who don’t have black blade.
Milkswk show black blade at first appearance.
‘Greenbull look he has black blade which this guy is not even swordsman .

I can be wrong on fujtoria.

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
Yup. Even Sakazuki didnt go all out in Marineford imo, that happened at Punk Hazard. They are all insanely strong fighters who got vastly underplayed due to bad powerscaling and recency bias leading to a good chunk of the fandom thinking they are relative and just slightly above Commanders. Greenbull spelling it out loud that Commanders dont stand a chance is refreshing honestly.
He's legit one of my favourite characters already. He just is very refreshing being a Sakazuki simp etc. but this scene is an awesome way to introduce him honestly.
Honestly I think Oda knocked this introduction out of the park. Admirals have always had really awesome introductions but this intro really stands out even for the Admirals.

If you would’ve told me that Green Bull had a Fucking plant Devil Fruit two weeks ago, I would’ve written it off as lame and weak, but this motherfucker shows up brutalizing a whole damn Yonko crew and somehow making a plant fruit seem overpowered.

If you would’ve told me that Green Bull would’ve been an Absolute Justice Admiral two weeks ago, I would’ve written this off since Akainu is enough…but no; Green Bull comes into the manga as an Akainu fanboy which furthers the volcano/vegetation themes that I talked about earlier which is great writing.

If you would’ve told me that Green Bull would absolutely sodomize two top Yonko commanders casually two weeks ago, I would’ve agreed that it was possible but wouldn’t think Oda would actually draw this as it seems too fan-servicy for characters as nuanced as Admirals, but not only did this happen, Oda did this in a way that actually didn’t seem fan-servicy at all with Green Bull being an Absolute Justice Chad.

And if you would’ve told me this Fucking unit would walk into the Flower Capital like a complete madman ready to solo a force that eliminated two Yonko, even I would’ve been like “nah that’s too much” but Oda must have got just as tired of these online idiots just as much as I, because he may finally show us a remotely serious Admiral in combat.

Green Bull is a legend, and this is peak Oda at the top of his game.

Inb4 he fucks everything up again
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Yet the Admirals didn’t want to throw hands when the Yonko were there…..
Yet Green Bull is not afraid of the alliance that took down two Yonko, lol
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