What the best thing in the chap ?

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Dude I really think Kaye’s primarily bleeding because of all the internal damage puncture ville did

her internals got clocked by it

I don’t think this will make fresh big mom bleed
You are literally making up headcanon to not give Kidd props. Lmfao. It’s not that hard to understand. Kidd shoots a projectile at Big Mom, Big Mom gets it by it and the panel shows her coughing blood. And yet you’re finding some way to spin that into giving Law credit.

See. This is the type of dumbass headcanon that people use to claim “Law carried Kidd.” It’s hilarious lol
If law and Kidd didn't became a yonko then that means the WG sees law and Kidd as apart of luffy crew / fleet :suresure: but buggy becoming a yonko wasn't a surprise because he always gain allies who are stronger than him plus he has a large fleet I wouldn't be surprised if buggy gain alot of other allies in the new world
Her face before Punk Crash

Her face after Punk Crash

Now, answer my question. Since you yourself just said that Robin and Jimbei can do exactly what Kidd and Law did. Do you believe that Robin and Jimbei can tank multiple yonko attacks, fight and survive an all out Big Mom, and damage her to the point that she gives them props and says that she hasn’t hurt this much for “decades”?
Jinbei can, the moment a normal human being like Law tanked BM's CoA punches was the moment you lost any "tanking" feats credit, Jinbo is also a CoA master. :jinbewat:
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