What the best thing in the chap ?

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in one piece bounty+bounty =/= 2 bounties :D
do you think 15 people with 100 million could have defeated Luffy after WCI?
no they will possibly get knocked by his CoC haki all of the at once. if not he will one shot every one of them before any one of them could do anything to him.
it is just about being in alliance and having devastating powers. Kid and Law has broken awakening and has an alliance with Luffy . that would have been enough to gran them such high bounties and they will grow so they are dangerous.
Your analogy is cap since the same can said "do you really think someone with a 300 million beerie was beating someone with over 1 billion"? "Do you also think someone with 300 million was even damaging someone with over a 4.5billion beerie"? No. Hence why you point don't hold weight

Also kidd does not have a broken fruit infsct it's the opposite and is entirely dependant on circumstances and environment of it where ever he is fighting has metal or not
I'll be disappointed if Ryokugyu's DF isn't comparable to Hashirama's Mokuton. Creating plants and extracting nutrients is nothing special. Smoothie can extract all of your liquid. Crocodile can also suck you dry to leave you behind as a mummy. Extracting nutrients isn't that crazy.
I don't remember hashirama doing anything crazy with his wood
it only hit hard and that's it. I never got the hype
@sanjikun is different. First he gotta proof that Doffy can beat Queen before he can fuck with a guy that stomps him plus King lmao
This is what I wrote on this subject a long time ago. I said not only can he solo King/Queen, but he solos all of them.

Enough of this garbage. Doffy solos all Calamities combined. Luffy and Law in Dressrosa were stronger than every single Calamity, and they still needed outside help.

Doflamingo > Katakuri ~ Dressrosa Luffy > Law ~ Kid > Calamities ~ Enma Zoro Raid Suit Sanji

S Kaido

A+ Akainu/Aokiji
A Fujitora/Old Rayleigh/Current Luffy
A- Doflamingo/FS Luffy (no advanced CoA)/Current Sabo

B+ Katakuri/Dressrosa Luffy
Enma Zoro, King, Marco, Law, Kid
B- Jozu, Vista, Jack, Queen

You have 1 B level and two B- against 1 A-. Queen and Jack can't even touch Doffy. Given his awakening and flying.
Luffy/Law in Dressrosa > King/Queen. Only Katakuri was >= Luffy.
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