What the best thing in the chap ?

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How I would write this chapter:

Luffy is the new emperor, bounty 5 billion

Greenbull goes to arrest Beast Pirates

Robin checking out the poneglyph, Hitetsu tells her Pluton is in Wano

Greenbull meets up with the Strawhats he looks at Zoro

Cuts to the world we see the reactions of Shanks, Akainu, Gorosei, Koby, Blackbeard, and the Lurking legend

We see Kaido and Big Mom standing next to Pluton

Hitetsu tells Robin the last poneglyph is in elbaph with Shanks

Greenbull says there's something I need to tell you all

End of chapter

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Mihawk wasn't trying

Akainu was caught off guard

Crocodile was really weak in comparison to other warlords at that time. Put alabasta luffy with the same amount of tricks and ass pulls against any other warlord and he would've gotten low diffed at best
Crocodile made Posthawk back down by juts warning him

He told him "back off im not in a good mood" and Mihawk complied lol
He was quick to end Daz but backs down when Croco gets pissed


You can't win
I guess Kid and Law aren't considered emperors due to their weak crews. Compared to Luffy's crew, outside of Killer in Kid's crew, the rest are fodder, to the point Oda didn't even bother make them relevant in the Wano war

And it's most likely the major reason why Buggy ended up being one. His followers were hyped by Whitebeard preskip

So it was a logical perspective from Oda's part that he'd develop it further to maintain the running gag of Buggy finding an alternate way than individual power to become a top dog

Not surprising at all :jordanmf:
I was the only one who knows that yamato will not join and I even says that luffy will refuse and she should ask herself if she really want it Im a goat
You're not alone friend. I had that same feeling too. And besides, Momonusuke sure could use new retainers to honor the positions previously held by Ashura Doji and Izou (RIP to both) or better yet, be his bride to become the most powerful couple in OP.
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