What the best thing in the chap ?

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Tell me you have a 15 inch penis without telling me you have a 15 inch penis ^^^^^

Another thing I just realized. Why would the World declare new Emperors if the old ones are still alive lol? Hell no bro. Big Mom and Kaido killed by magma confirmed.

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Can you believe that Lankers FC (including MCtards now) could have chosen ZKK but decided to die on the "fsssh, fsssh" hill? :broocry:


@Red Admiral

This chapter is a perfect example of how not to take polls too seriously. The vast majority of OP fans are casuals tbh. If you made a poll King and Queen vs Aramaki i can assure you the Admiral would've lost but here he trashed them in the manga.
if you take polls too seriously as fact ... you are wrong
polls can show us what fandom think ... so it is what the story implied on the surface level. there lays it's importance

after this chapter ... 100% of those people who thought Kaido and Shanks are above Admirals are still in favor of their original opinion
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