What the best thing in the chap ?

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Saddest part is nobody talking about the implications of Pluton being in Wano. Like nearly all of the complaints about Oda not explaining what Wano "is" or why he decided to not open the borders should be wiped after this shit.

But instead, nothing. No acknowledgement on that. Instead lets move onto the next complaint.
That's the character change she needs, like all other strawhats. Man if Yamato doesn't join Oda just threw away this arc's ending.
Shit bounties (we only got 3 so far :ihaha:), Buggy as a yonko which is clown writing, all the pluton stuff magically appearing now, ...
What speedreading does wano was always special lol and buggys luck is bigger than any char ever even luffy reread impel down
people saying the fruit being important and all must have led to a higher bounty for luffy need to realize that bounties haven't made sense a lot of times

robin is the only person who can decipher the true history and yet her bounty has always been low

the simple reason is kaido + big mom = 9bn so 3bn for each of them

All other luffy feats lead to him being a yonko whereas law and kid are not
It never was a 3v2 it was a 1v1 and 2v1


I will be back before Ragnarok!
Sanji fans...I gotta tell ya...you guys are in such a good position right now. Oda has shat on me for 10 years since my favorite is Ussop, but............you know I am happy for you guys.
Man, i feel for you

Usopp's moment in Dressrosa was so fucking good

i miss long Range Usopp moments

during Enies Lobby on the Bridge

and the Dressrosa one

i'm hoping Usopp vs Van Augur will be a long ass range fight
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